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Arsenal to be seriously loaded?

The total cost of the Emirates stadium project is £390,000,000.

This supposedly includes the cost of relocating all the businesses that were on the site and building a new recycling plant as well as the cost of converting Highbury into homes and building homes on the other sites as well.

There are more than 2,000 homes being built across the three sites.

It is reasonable to assume that the average selling price of these homes will be £250,000.

This means that over the next 3-5 years as they finish the redevelopments and sell the properties they’ll receive £500,000,000.


The stadium will have the highest match-day income of any stadium in the world, which is enough to easily service the debt AND we’re going to have half a billion pour into the club?

Am I missing something?

Walcott left out?

While the big hoo-hah concerning Ashley Cole's exclusion from the Villa game (which is fair enough considering a possible backlash from the fans) goes on, I am more worried about the fact that Theo Walcott has not been included in the provisional squad.

What is the reasoning behind that decision given the fact that Rosicky and Reyes are both out and Ljungberg is being rushed back to be included? Considering his goal for the England's U-21 in mid-week, you would have thought that he would at least warranted a place on the bench.

It also surprises me that the trio of Aliadiere, Song and Traore is included ahead of him. Surely Walcott stood a better chance than Aliadiere- who scored 2 goals in 14 games at Wolverhampton last season. 16 year old Traore is also included but Flamini and Hoyte are most definitely covering at left back.

That's a strange one, any comments?

Site News: Updates, Colour schemes and Dot Coms.

Apologies for the lack of updates to the site on my half at least but I've been working on securing a brand new domain for the site which will open soon. Expect a fresher, brighter design as I've been hearing some complaints about how difficult it is to read the blog.

The new site will be an expansion on this current one allowing more content then just news and opinion, and so I may be on the look out for more help...possibly.

Anyways that is all you may go about your daily business now.

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