Be very afraid..It's the Ashley Cole TV show!

The Sunday Mirror is reporting today that Ashley Cole is on his way to our TV screens in an all new fly-on-the-wall TV extravaganza.

The 6 part series will air on ITV in November and filming has taken place since his wedding.

An "insider" whoever that is, claims:

"The series is taking four months to film - and will show how romantic Ashley is. And fans will be able to see how down-to-earth the couple are. They're just a couple of ordinary people living amazing lives.

"They've accepted there will be embarrassing bits, but they're happy to show what goes on in their day-to-day world as the new Posh and Becks."

''It'll show how romantic he is.. and how down-to-earth the new Posh & Becks are''

Well this little excuse for an ego trip takes Mr.Tweedy one step closer to his role as a poor man's David Beckham.

And truly is there anything more romantic than a full television camera crew following you around during your honeymoon? Aaahhhhh.

34 Responses to “Be very afraid..It's the Ashley Cole TV show!”

  1. # Anonymous cxc

    I am in fact looking forward to this. I know strange...  

  2. # Anonymous Charlie

    Thank God he's leaving. Twat.  

  3. # Anonymous enki

    thanks god he is leaving or we would have been a laughing stock  

  4. # Anonymous leicester gooner

    I want the arsehole out as soon as possible for as much money as we can get then hopefully he will pick up season long injury in his first game for Chelski!  

  5. # Anonymous sggooner

    is his leaving confirmed? what's the hold up?  

  6. # Anonymous I wish he leave...We dont need him anymore...He slapped his own face haha.COLE OUT!!


  7. # Anonymous The_Don

    Ordinary people? Ordinary people dont stab the people who made them who they are in the back at the first opportunity they get. Then again as an "Ordinary person" i can understand how trying to live off £60,000 as opposed to £80,000 a WEEK is just impossible. Why not make a show about his career and not his day to day life, then you would see what a little money-grabbin cunt he has shown himself to be to the "club he loves" - what a romantic he is...  

  8. # Anonymous robinvp

    i feel nothing more needs to be said other then that.  

  9. # Anonymous Ashley Cole

    I'm not leaving, this is all paper talk and the documentary is just publicity for Cheryl. It was all acted out and we had a script.

    I have not once said in this on going saga that i want to leave. I am happy at Arsenal and would like to sign a new contract, its Arsene and David Dein who want me out.  

  10. # Anonymous Wingston75


    »»Arsene Knows««  

  11. # Anonymous Snail

    If that were truly the case Ashley, then you could end it all by publishing a statement to that effect. You could then publicly dismiss your agent, who is too self-serving to represent your interests. Finally, an apology to all Arsenal fans would be nice.  

  12. # Anonymous Ashley Cole

    Yea it wasn't true, I just wanted to hear what people would say if he was to turn round and say something like that. To be honest i'm a bit surprised, i thought you would have told him to fuck off any way.

    Sorry Lads!

    (Just a joke, not really Cashley Cunt Cole)  

  13. # Anonymous Flint McCullough

    I wonder if they will show the Tweedeys on their calculator showing how much more money he will earn at the Chavs

    at Chavs £90,000 per week net say £45,000
    at Arsenal £70,000 per week net say £35,000

    That's £10,000 per week net for 4 years = about £2 million less loss of testimonial as legend = 60,000 x av £40 + = £2.5 million = LOSS £500,000.

    Oh he didn't go for the money then!!  

  14. # Anonymous cutting edge

    ashley cole is the best left back in the world,we cant replace him were just gonna accept that the centre backs and the left back is a weakness for our squad.  

  15. # Anonymous TC

    Cutting edge - yup, we have to accept that Cashley doesn't want to play for Arsenal, hard luck on us but he can fuck off as others have said. He's a money grabbing little shit who will NEVER get a decent reception at Arsenal ever again. Fuck him, Arsenal are bigger than him, end of.  

  16. # Anonymous Slippery when wet

    Let the Chavs deal with all the circus that comes with it! Any player who invites the press into hos private life for financial gain will be ruined by the same press. That is why Fergis sold Becks - all the off the pitch stuff was getting in the way.

    Lets hope it causes real dressing room problems at Chavski  

  17. # Anonymous Thanos aka Mr Serge

    ashley cole is not the best left back in the world he is one of them but you don't need the best players in the world to be the best team, you need hungry loyal players that will give everything for their club, ashley cunty cole is not one of these players he is a big headed arogant midget, no one can say dixon or winterburn were world class but our defence at the time was, why is that? because they wore their heart on their sleaves and gave blood sweat and tears for the cause, ashley does not do that he is nothing but a greedy pace merchant and when chelsea tire of him were will he go next loyalty is a 2 way street chelsea and cole deserve each other,  

  18. # Anonymous Antithesis

    If Ashley Cole is such a cunt why not simply ignore him until something newsworthy transpires.
    Blogging about everything he does seems like exploiting the situation to gain traffic. I don't know of course, maybe you think as a blogger it's justified if it's about Arsenal, but this is not news really.  

  19. # Anonymous Archie The Leper

    [i]Antithesis 8/13/2006 04:17:58 PM [/i]

    Cunti, you're alive!!

    And still a Cunt$ki supporting cunt it seems

    oh & what robinvp said  

  20. # Anonymous Red Square

    Just because he doesnt have a go at Cole doesnt mean hes chelsea.

    I admit I'm irritated by cole hence my tone in several articles, but there are two sides to the argument.  

  21. # Anonymous Archie The Leper

    You don't know Cunti like I know Cunti  

  22. # Anonymous Red Square

    fair enough.  

  23. # Anonymous AC

    Just fu*cking shut up you idiots!!!  

  24. # Anonymous gazzap

    ash wont improve chelsea's defence. he may be a good attacking left back when used as wenger uses him but he is not even in the top 30 per cent of defenders. i actually rate bridge as a better defender.
    If chavski do lose Gallas and gain Cole then that is clearly a net loss for them. Also if cole is fit he will play so that adds weakness to their defence. as we all know mourinho will make him defend and not attack too much.

    we need another Nutty at left back as said earlier. between flam and the rest (Illiasu??) I think we have that. we have bigger problems than left back to solve.  

  25. # Anonymous kingsley

    Thanos, agreed. Cashley isn't the best l/back in the world but among the best. I'm sure with time, we'll have others who will mature and be equally good, if not better. There's still hope.
    Most important, the team is moving in the right direction and get better.  

  26. # Anonymous Callum101

    i dont believe chelsea ever really want to pay the price to get cole, they simply want to unsettle him and make arsenal offer him to them. Cole does not fit chelseas tema very well and mourinho has a rule of no defender below 5ft 11, cole coming in at around 3ft 5 does not suit the position. He is no good in the air and his poor defensive skills are only saved by his pace. In the end, Chelsea have not yet made an offer for Cole and with the season fast approaching are probably hoping for Arsenal to cup tie him and move in at christmas after cole has played like a C*** for half the season and take him for about 10 mil, that would be smart business especially as the ball is in their court with bridge already at the club.  

  27. # Anonymous goonerd

    Fuck Cole. Just got back from a weeks hol in Spain but managed to catch the match v Dynamo Zagreb - what a great positive start for us. Almunia competent, Hoyte and Djourou looking like established players, Hleb and Rosicky getting into gear and Adebayour and RVP not only playing well but starting to combine well. And as for Cesc he is just getting even better - I reckon he is already in the top 6 playmakers anywhere and with his great attitude he'll be No1 within a couple of years. There is no way we should contemplate him eventually going back to Spain. Make him Captain in time and weld him to us for as long as poss. We still need a hard, good, defensive midfielder to compete with Diaby and, to some extent Gilberto. We must spent the Cuntley Arsehole money well.  

  28. # Anonymous bitter n twisted

    ashley is a fuckin muppet, please get rid of this cunt. as for you cuttin edge =, stop eatin all the fuckin food.  

  29. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    Anti, as well as being an attention seeking little dick, you are a complete hypocrite as well. Would you like to look at what the last 3 posts are about on your website? Knob.  

  30. # Anonymous Anti

    Three posts spread over 15 days and none in the last 4 hardly makes me a hypocrite...
    And that last post was about the difference in the treatment of Reyes compared to Cole.  

  31. # Anonymous AJ_Le_Beef

    Anti your mumma is so fat she wakes up in sections...Fuck off back to your own site ball bag.
    Cole to have his legs broken in 24 places at Cashki within the first 5 matches of the EPL.  

  32. # Anonymous goonerhopeful

    i wrrote a son.

    Throw cole da da
    in a hole da da
    Make him pay da da
    hes so gay da da
    Let our loyal clichy..
    hav a goooo da da  

  33. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    That's not a website Anti, it's a house made of glass. There's nothing wrong with having a different point of view, I encourage and applaud people who have the courage to articulate their views in the face of others vitriol. It was Martin Luther King who said "the ultimate measure of a man is where he stands in moments of challenge and controversy." But quite frankly Anti, I find the articles on your site to be vulgar attention seeking (you admitted in one of your posts to being deliberately provocative to get traffic). But that is fair enough, different strokes for different folks, I stopped visiting your website. But then when you come on other people's websites and accuse them of exploiting a situation (at least this website writes articles about other things than Cole), you seriously demonstrate a lack of class as well as astounding double standards. In fact, your parasitic whining reminds me of a certain young left back, you probably defend him so much because you can relate to his fame hungry hypocrisy.  

  34. # Anonymous GeorgeSydAust

    I hope the little cunt is playing for Norwich in 3 years.  

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