Chelsea are lying liars...Cole bid increased.

Despite claiming quite forcefully that they would "not pay £1 more" for Ashley Cole, Chelsea have reportedly upped there bid by 7 million £1's more.

According to various sources including the Telegraph, Chelsea have re-submitted a transfer in the value of £23 million pounds, closer to Arsenal's original valuation of the player at in between £25-30 million.

So what happens now? Well It's still lower then what Arsenal want but to be honest I don't care any more I just want to see this done and dusted and I'm sure any Chelsea fans reading this agree.

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  1. # Anonymous Red Square

    I'm also trying to update the look of the site, I might change back it depends if this works out.

    Let me know if you have any issues.  

  2. # Anonymous leicester gooner

    I agree that if, the revised offer is true, that Arsenal conclude a deal with Chelski and pack that arsehole on his way. Keeping him for another season will just lower the moral of the players at the club,particularly the younger ones,and there is bound to be more shit to come when his poxy book is published. I sincerely hope,however,that this money will be used by Wenger to strengthen the squad with some experienced/quality players before the deadline!! I am sure that all fans like me are fed up with Wenger's comments " I am happy with what I have got" - we need some more mature players to assist the many younger players that are in the squad,particularly in those dreaded away matches 'up north'. Similarly, I hope that a satisfactory transfer deal can be sorted for JAR going to Rio Madrid - we only want to see players at the club who are 100% committed to Arsenal - not people who rather be elsewhere!  

  3. # Anonymous Chelseaman

    I agree, let's just get it over with.  

  4. # Anonymous Markymark

    I just want this whole Cole transfer sorted now already!
    Yes Chelsea will be stronger for it but nowt we can do.
    It's a good bit of business for us yet again.
    I am intrigued to know who we will be buying as Gallas is no way coming to Ashburton.
    + what's going on with Reyes - is he on or off .. if he's off a swap deal for Baptista + cash makes sense. (although Baptista is a very different player to Reyes.
    I would actually like Reyes to stay and give us 100% effort in every game season. He's one of the best left footed passers of the ball in the Prem.  

  5. # Anonymous kris

    Just happy to see the filthy chav finaly go and get his dirty money. Dont care how good a left back he was, he was disloyal and slagged his 'favourite' team off publicly. With £23 mil i see him keeping the majority of that and swapping Baptista/Reyes too. Hope he buys abidal hes a lot better than people make out, better than eboue was before we signed him..and a goalkeeper.  

  6. # Anonymous blingblong2000

    30-35 mil to spend once reyes goes. should be a big enough amount to bring almost anybody.... but who? Who do you really see us buying... realistically. Who would you really want at Arsenal, that would add something. Appiah, ribery, yaya names that have all been brandished about.... but would they really add, i reckon they wouldn't add nish... just add to the wage bill. Ledley would be a bit of a coup, and i'd prefer to have geremi than gallas. Davis forget it Any offers?  

  7. # Anonymous Markymark

    i think the jury's out on Abidal - we need a defensive midfielder, a centre back and a left back + does anyone else here think we need another out and out striker - can't see Adebayor or RVP getting more than 10 each in the prem this season. I just hope we buy something. We need a bit of retail therapy!  

  8. # Anonymous kris

    guarenteed african lb/cb, hes made it clear he doesnt like buying english players because they are overpriced and over-rated which is fair enuf.. who would have bought ferdinand over toure? £30 mil or ??? £500,000? with baptista we will be sorted no need for ribery. rosicky, ljungberg, walcott, hleb and i wouldnt be suprised if merida by the end of the season is given a chance..who i think is a even bigger talent than fabregas was/is we'll be sorted. Arsenals youngsters themselves are competent enough to give most good teams a good game.  

  9. # Anonymous Markymark

    I agree with you Kris but i think we still need some proven steel in our team. I think our midfield is still a little short physically. I am very excited to see what Walcott can do as well. Le Tisier was singing his praises! Has anyone heard what's going on with the trialist Illiasu or has he gone the same way as Christenval?  

  10. # Anonymous lukas

    of course they r liars they pleaded innocent to ever meeting him in the first place. They are huge liars and cole needs to realise how much of a prick he is and how little respect anyone has for him  

  11. # Anonymous Jake

    Does anyone know when Lauren is due back? Is he still out long-term? If we can get Baptista for Reyes then we only need to replace Sol and Cashley, as I reckon we're sorted up front and in midfield. van Persie started last season really well and was our leading goalscorer after a couple of months. If he can keep all his toes intact I think he can score many more than 10 goals, Markymark. Adebayor I'm not so sure about but I hope he proves me wrong.  

  12. # Anonymous Sir Cecil

    Dear oh dear. "Lying liars."
    Have you ever heard of a non-lying liar?
    This site must be run by a foolish fool.  

  13. # Anonymous Sir Cecil

    Lukas says Chelsea "pleaded innocent to ever meeting him in the first place."
    Actually, what Chelsea said is that they did not INSTIGATE the affair. They never denied a meeting took place. Arsenal's own player (and his agent) approached Chelsea, not vice versa. This is not in dispute. Read the results of the official investigation.
    By the way, how come William Gallas' agent has announced Arsenal are interested in the player? Have they been talking without Chelsea's permission? Or is it telepathy at work?  

  14. # Anonymous blingblong2000

    Rather intelligently put together sir cecil. But really sir cecil, no-one gives a damn. Don't know why you chelsea supporter always pop'sup on arsenal blogs. I think you really are a closet gooner!  

  15. # Anonymous Donjohnni

    SirCecil you're so biased. Please don't bother commenting if you're just going to be unnecesarrily negative.

    Yeah I agree - we need a midfielder with power and a centreback / leftback. I feel we need a versatile defender who can cover both positions. Shame about Gallas not coming - he would have been awesome. I think Baptista would be a cool addition because he can play as a defensive midfielder; but I can't see it working because he doesn't really have Arsenal in his heart. It's a lose / lose situation - Reyes goes we need a new left sided player; if he stays we have an unsettled git. So, if he does go, Wenger must splash the cash on a naught flank player.  

  16. # Anonymous AJ

    With a name like Cecil...need I say more?  

  17. # Anonymous kingsley

    cecil, whoever you are, you said Chelski did not instigate the shameless meeting with ash. That's not the point: Don't tell us that shameless Chelski doesn't know that it wrong to meet with another team's player? By the way, didn't Leeds FC just lodged a complain against shameless Chelski? About Gallas' agent's statement, why don't you ask the agent yourself instead of your wild insinuation?  

  18. # Anonymous Benz

    Baptista will add steel to our midfield and give Sir Gilberto some healthy pressure and hey, both are brazilians too!

    Baptista is physically stronger and his shooting ability is no less than anyone else in the club.  

  19. # Anonymous Benz

    Baptista will add steel to our midfield and give Sir Gilberto some healthy pressure and hey, both are brazilians too!

    Baptista is physically stronger and his shooting ability is no less than anyone else in the the club.  

  20. # Anonymous Sir Cecil

    All this waffle to disguise the hurt and sense of desolation felt by Arsenal fans at the likely loss of the only English player who would have had a chance of kicking off the season at their new stadium. Unless you count the opposition of course.
    Arsenal fans will do better to watch Real Madrid or Bayern Munich if they want to see English players performing. There are actually more English players at those foreign clubs.
    If Arsenal fans want to watch French footballers, why not go jump on a ferry and spend matchdays in France?
    As it is, there is absolutely no excuse other than habit to watch a totally foreign team pretending to be Arsenal. If only Arsenal had ONE Englishmen of note in the side... say, the captain of England, for example. That WOULD be an excuse to watch them. But all they have is... Walcott, who is so good he has not played a single Premiership game.

  21. # Anonymous blingblong2000

    sir cecil, one question i would love to ask you! when you are constipated are you speechless!?  

  22. # Blogger Blindoldpete

    Clelsea have it all, don't they, Sir Cecil?

    Except one thing.

    They don't have the Duke of Highbury, Lord of all the Parks, Supreme Master of the Universe, Father of God: Arsene Wenger.  

  23. # Anonymous kingley

    cecil, it's a pity that you are so pathetic, really, and you revealed your true colours. Are you racist as well - your comments about players' nationalities and English players in the team? If you are still clueless, just tell us, what rules have Arsenal broken anyway?  

  24. # Blogger Blindoldpete

    Kingsley. Cecil's all of those things, no doubt. But, above all, he's just a silly littele man.  

  25. # Anonymous kinglsey

    cecil, just to fill you up ... I need to add that Chelski was found GUILTY for the shameless tap-up meeting. Now, what's the update on Leeds' complain against Chelski now...? Interesting!  

  26. # Blogger Blindoldpete

    Cecil, you remind me of s story about the Duke of Edinburgh.  

  27. # Blogger Blindoldpete

    Or it might have been Michael Parkinson. Or was it Minnie Caldwell? Can't remember now.  

  28. # Anonymous LORD SMITHELHURST

    Sir cecil i am Lord and that makes me higher up the aristocracy than you are! With you stop lampooning on about absolute codswhallop you utter utter bafoon. Arsenal might not have a single english player of note hitherto, but alas our club is run from money pertaining from the press at the BANK of England earned is kosher manner.

    secondly, got any tips for the 4'oclock at kempton?  

  29. # Blogger Blindoldpete


    How many Cecils does it take to eat a ton of shit?  

  30. # Anonymous kingsley

    cecil, just a free advice for you. If you're going to continue blogging in such pathetic manner, it's best for you not to use the title "Sir" to your name. Please don't shame the country.  

  31. # Anonymous Charlie

    Wasn't it Chelsea who hsd the first 100% foreign 11?  

  32. # Anonymous Sir Cecil

    Lord Smithelhurst, I must say I find your comment that Arsenal's money is "kosher" when a great deal of it comes from an Arab sponsor, is rather ironic. Perhaps it was intentionally so?  

  33. # Anonymous JOWLS

    cecil - youve got a few good english lads who were inherited and were bled when your team was shite...but think how much worse you have been for england than arsenal have with the long list of english talents you've destroyed...parker, swp, to name but a few.......and also, with the way most english players act, you can keep 'em! common problem when you give scallies lots of money  

  34. # Anonymous Rude Boy

    Cecil u prick go fuck yourself..or I will get those Arabs to sponsor your sweet ass..U CUNT


  35. # Anonymous shiftyboy

    Actually Cecil you are wrong. Moaninho did deny meeting with Cole and his Mr15%. In fact he stated at the time he couldn't have met with them because he was out of the country. In fact he made a big joke of it to any hack that would listen to him. When caught red-handed and proved to be a liar he then stated that he wasn't actually interested in the player he was just trying to find out what was going on at Arsenal. In fact this was his defence when originally fined. Will this fine be reinstated now he has been proved to be a liar again  

  36. # Anonymous gloryhunter

    This is a modern day parable about the pitfalls of buying English....

    I've got a version of Championship Manager where, for a lark, I've bought exclusively English and French players for Arsenal. Rooney and Alan Smith lead the line (Henry's 6 months out with surgery), followed by Pennant, Vieira, Welsh and Pires. And there's a fantasy Anglo-French Fab Four of Cole, Upson, Mexes and Gallas!

    The problem is that this team ain't doing too well. I spend too much buying domestic (15 million for Upson, 13 million for Gallas) rather than the best players for that position. I can't believe it, but even I'm lining up 10 million to buy mediocre David Dunn. And, although the team is plucky, spirited, and tries really, really hard, there's no flair or imagination, and no one around to grab the game by the throat. They play like a dream, but no goals, and my expensive defence leaks like anything.

    Maybe it's just me, but I think all those Anglos are messing with my Arsenal squad. Where are those cheap Africans when you need them? Arsene knows.  

  37. # Anonymous DAF

    Sir Cecil

    You ruin what is otherwise an reasonable site. Once again you repeat your lazy racist comments about French people and Arab people. Oh, and the "Lying liars" comment - again, you obviously just don't get it do you (as we have noted elsewhere on this site)? Hilarious.

    More importantly, you are ill informed and wrong about most things you write.

    You say: "Actually, what Chelsea said is that they did not INSTIGATE the affair. They never denied a meeting took place."

    That's just wrong. Read the reports again:
    "Mourinho at first claimed that he could not have been at such a meeting because he was in Milan on the day in question, seeing Internazionale’s Brazilian striker, Adriano. This defence collapsed with a denial from Inter"

    The footage of him saying this at a Chelsea press conference was widely shown at the time and is still available online. Just thought we'd clear that one up.

    But people are right, it really doesn't matter anymore.

    Let's take the money and invest it wisely. Chelsea will do well again this year, but a team without a soul will sooner or later stumble.  

  38. # Anonymous helgeaarsvoll

    Well, i don`t agree with you, DAF (the post above) in what you say that the team (Chelsea) doesn`t have a soul. They have Terry and Lampard. Those players are the soul and heart of that engine!
    And when it comes to Cole, he could in some years be a soul of this club too... Crazy, but yes...

    I agree that we should sell Cole now. Hopefully it is true that Chelsea has come with a new bid, and that Arsenal is satisfied!

    And then i would like Arsene and David to buy a recover for Gilberto!  

  39. # Anonymous Stylisnic

    Hi guys

    Totally agree with the comments made, its such a shame we will be losing Ashley Cole as he is one hell of a left back, but if he is so stupid in thinking its Arsenal's fault then good bye. I personally would perfer Chelsea giving us Gallas and Sean Wright Philips in exchange for him.

    For Jose Antonia Ryes, give us Baptiasia and Robinho, that would be a good piece of business and make our team stronger.  

  40. # Anonymous Rude Boy

    Thanks lads for the support:) Cecilia u goat!! go spend a penny and ring your friends!  

  41. # Anonymous breeze

    Sir Cecile your mum still owes my dog fuck-money..please go elsewhere my dog has v.d now ...don't come back here..or we will get to know you on a one 2 one basis.  

  42. # Anonymous Chris

    Sir Celcil, you really are a prick. Your lot were very happy to be sponsored by those arabs for a few years. Now those so called arabs have realised why lying manipulators you are and have decided to back a team with class and dignity.

    Oh, and one more thing you go on about having English home grown players, the last time i took a look at your squad you only have 1 English homegrown player, the same amount as Arsenal at the current moment, so in light of this i suggest you stop makeing yourself sound like the total glory hunting fool that you probably are. I bet you don't even know Chelski existed before the Russian mafia took over!!  

  43. # Anonymous Anonymous

    An interesting blog then it degenerates into vile comments to each other...Im a first time visitor and think the Gunners are wonderful.  

  44. # Anonymous CecilsBummer

    Cecil dahling when are you going to take me dogging on Hampstead Heath again? you know you want it -beeaytch  

  45. # Anonymous Cheyne Walk

    Cecil your family tree is nothing but a rest stop for dogs:..  

  46. # Anonymous Sir Cecil

    Silly boys. When Mourinho said at the press conference he was in Milan the day of the Cole meeting, it was because reports in the rag papers had already said that he had been in Milan trying to buy players. He was being sarcastic to the reporters for writing such drivel (i.e How could he have been with Cole if he was in Milan at the time, as they had reported) Of course, idiots took him seriously. or chose to because it made another good story. Even Jose's biggest critics do not think him stupid enough to seriously give a false "alibi" that can so easily be checked out. No wonder the Sun and Mirror write such tripe... they have you lot lapping it up.
    And it's amazing how people remember every word Jose utters. I can barely recall anything Wenger says.  

  47. # Anonymous sir cecil licks cock

    Just remember Sir Cecil -

    Isn't so long ago that you had a shit stadium and an even worse team.

    Just wait for the day that the Kossack gets bored - and that will happen - and you shitbags will be down the toilet.

    Will it be worth a few titles?

    For retarded Chelsea fans yes -

    But that is simply because you have no HISTORY and even less class.

    Enjoy Cashley - your latest rent boy.  

  48. # Anonymous Chris

    I don't remember anything Jose says because in all honesty the man bores me. All he cares about is himself and being the biggest star at Chelski. The sooner he stops being a whinging cunt he might get some respect for being the good manager that he is, until then nothing is going to change.

    Anyway Cecil, why you on an Arsenal site if you're a Chelsea fan?  

  49. # Anonymous Crabs

    When it comes to I.Q. points, you lose them every time you go to the Shitter.  

  50. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Cecile is on the site because he is a fucking VOYEUR -

    And he hasn't got any cock to chew on this morning.  

  51. # Anonymous tampon

    Cecile You're such a cunt your nose bleeds once a month  

  52. # Anonymous Peter W

    Sir Cecil. If you are struggling to recall anything Wenger says have a word with Moanrinho. He says a dossier of 120 plus pages recording everything AW utters. Jose (The special needs one) just tends to forget what he says himself -understandbly.  

  53. # Anonymous Aristocrats are thick

    Sir Cecil. You continue to get it wrong. Between Chelsea and Arsenal the only foreign team is Chelsea. Arsenal are English owned and Chelsea are owned by Russians. I am sure that Renault employ a lot of english people but it is still a foreign company.  

  54. # Anonymous Harry

    The fact that you call us chelsea fans voyeurs is ironic. we only go here through newsnow, which is a news search engine. We only access your site when you write about us, and your page comes up. That would make you voyeurs, as you cant stop thinking about us  

  55. # Anonymous Sir Cecil

    Many of you seem to cherish thoughts of Mr Abramovic getting "bored" with Chelsea.
    I think there's much more chance of Wenger or Dein getting bored! Especially with being also-rans.
    Actually, Chelsea would probably be even better off if Mr Abramovic left... I've heard reports that £2.5 billion has been set aside and guaranteed to the club if he should leave within 15 years or go down with one of his yachts. And his son is already earmarked to take eventual control.
    Your generation has seen its last championship. LOL!!!!  

  56. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    How ironic Sir Cecil that you accuse us of lapping up tablid shite, when the racist shite you've been spewing could just as easily come from the poisoned pen of a tired sun hack. We also have muslims in our squad Sir Cecil, does this mean we are shaming the church as well? You support a club that steals its money from the peasantry of Russia, so I wouldn't get so high and mighty. I also notice that you've been on this site all night, that seems pretty voyeuristic to me.  

  57. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    Again Sir Cecil, your last post is couched in hypocrisy. You accuse us of absorbing tabloid shite, and then you allay your own insecurities surrounding Abramovic's departure with, "I've heard reports that..." Can you say hypocrite? I say stop swinging on that grapevine mate, the chimps will only cut you down and eat your skin.  

  58. # Anonymous Chris

    Harry, we wouldn't write about your club if twats like Cecil didn't come on here and start spouting utter garbage about things he quite clearly knows nothing about.  

  59. # Anonymous Demon

    Cecil you bastard if I see you on the street I will throw pepper sauce in your eyes ok!!! then rob you..  

  60. # Anonymous Peps

    Do you even know the true meaning of the word ironic you moron?!?  

  61. # Anonymous bitter and twisted

    cecil i remeber something arsene said. he said it was posible for us to go the whole season unbeaten, man utd won the league that year. ferguson beckham and the nevile pricks (and not forgetting all the tottenham chelsea fans etc etc)all scoffed "unbeaten all year who does the frenchman think he is taking the piss out of our league" the next season he rammed it down their fucking throats.

    whats with this arab crap.... i cant even be bothered.

    lastly, for all his talk of liking english players the only 1 i can remeber him buying is swp, and if you think walcott had a shit world cup it was better than watching your dad on tv.  

  62. # Anonymous Peter W

    Sir Cecil. It isn't a case of cherishing thoughts of Abramovic leaving it is simply wondering how long he is prepared to sustain the losses that have been made so far. Someone once said that if you want to make a small fortune it is best to start with a big one and buy a football club. What Abramovic is doing has been done before but not on anything like the same scale. Recently Blackburn and less succesfully Leeds have travelled down the same road and came a cropper as a consequence.

    I am sure that you feel that it won't happen to you and myths like '£2.5 billion honey pots' give you some comfort no doubt but if you look into the wider business community to you will find other examples of rich benefactors building empires and 'overtrading' ultimately leading to collapse. As an Arsenal supporter I hope that this will come to pass which is a wish shared by many others in football (note Fergie's comments about Chelsea determined to destroy football) but it is more likely that having achieved some success and perhaps developed more than transient 'glory chasing' support the club will try to run on more normal business lines. At this point those that have plotted a long term investment path will find it easier to compete as Abramovic and his offspring will want to staunch the flow of funds out of their pockets even if (realistically very, very unlikely) they don't want a return on their investment.  

  63. # Anonymous Shizz

    Cecil, I won't resort to name-calling, simply because it isn't necessary. For all the crap you Chelski fans spew (on other teams sites, no less), it doesn't obscure the one fact you would all desperately like to forget- that money can't buy class. You know that no matter what you lot win, it will always be tainted because you didn't really earn it. And really, with the gulf in spending between your team and all others, you should be winning everything. And you don't. So enjoy it while it lasts. Because you know, and we know, that it won't.

    Must be horrible to have a winning team for a change, and to know deep down that the whole thing stinks. And as far as the Arab money goes, weren't they your sponsor first?  

  64. # Anonymous Harry

    Peps, how is that not ironic? You accuse us of being voyeurs, always looking at what ur doing when ur the ones writing shit about us on ur sites. I dislike the abramovich era yet appreciate that the money is not tainted, and that the reaction from other clubs is not just jealousy but bitterness at not being able to dominate the league themselves in such an assured manner. No fans in italian or spanish football whine quite as much as the fans in London ( by that i mean ALL arsenal and ALL Man U fans) when AC Milan, Real Madrid, or Inter win. They all have owners, one was the Prime Minister of Italy. So why is it a special case in England? Because the fans are jealous.  

  65. # Anonymous gggunners

    y do you all bovver with the replies to bitch cecilia,s comments as long as you do he will bovva to write his crap ignore him and he will go away  

  66. # Anonymous gggunner

    harry get your facts straight the money was backhanders selling russias natural rescources to keep yeltsin in for 1 more term learn before u open your idiotic trap an piss off back 2 your own sites u dog  

  67. # Anonymous Eddy

    Sir Cecil you deluded Chelsea knob.You seem to ignore the facts that stare you in the face.1 Chelsea have more Frenchman in their first team line up than Arsenal(Henry is the only Frenchman left in our first team line up and Makelle and Gallas regularly make your first team)so why don't you get on a ferry and go and eat some snails and onions you thick prick.2 Was your egotistical manager not ranting about "not a penny more" in realtion to Ashley on Wednesday but has mysteriously upped his bid by £7 miilion on you lot fancy a game of poker?3.Chelsea have seen fit to pay £17 million for Veron(sold for nothing to Inter),Chelsea paid £17 million for Mutu(booted out and Chelsea took a £17 million loss on the fella).Chelsea paid £17 million for Crespo(Chelsea have had to take a similar loss on Crespo).There are many more examples of your ridiculous over spending,try Glen Jonson etc etc etc so how you mugs have got the front to say "we refuse to pay over the odds for a player",when it is exactly what you have been doing for 4 years makes me laugh.Peter Kenyon sums you boys up,a classless twat who thinks that money will buy you anything but you cannot nbuy class and history and after discussing Chelsea FC with fans
    many other clubs one overriding view is prevelent that you have bought your success but have not gained any credit for doing so unlike the previous successful teams in history like Liverpool and Manchester United who Arsenal used to look at and say "that's the way to do it" which sadly is the opposite of you celery throwing morons as your way is the Blackburn route ie far less money coming in than going out(please see your accounts for the last three years).Your just a small club with money.  

  68. # Anonymous Like it is

    The fact is whatever Arsenal get for Cole will be swallowed in refinancing the huge debt the stadium has created. Cole leaving -if he does -is a kick in the teeth for Arsenal and shows up the management of Arsenal as the two faced shits they are. Cole will settle at Chelsea with his England colleagues at least 4 and will not have to endure the dressing room taken over by the French his view. If any club is selling its heritage down the river its Arsenal  

  69. # Anonymous Anonymous

    like it is you twat,there is more of a French connection in your overpriced changing room than ours.As for refinancing our debt,we have sold all our season tickets and all the boxes which will cover the loan repayments however talking to a Chelsea fan about sensibily running a club on a budget that reflects income is similar to discussing babysitting arrangements with Fred West.Yes you will win the League but no no one admires you,they despise your lack of class and it seems like only yesterday that you were playing in Div 2 in front of 16,000 behind electric fences and Ken Bates bought you for a £1 mmmmm don't seem to remember that happening at our place.Get your facts right re English playes as well,Chelsea FC have ruined the careers of Glen Johnson,SWP and Wayne Bridge to name but a few and your first team last year regularly had 3 Engishmen in it(lampard Cole and Terry)as opposed to our 2 (Campbell and Cole)so hey wow you fill your bench up with overpriced Englishmen and then claim your more patriotic than us,don't be prick all your life.If the Russian hadn't bought you you would still be without a League title for over 55 years which I can't remember happening at our place.  

  70. # Anonymous Harry

    The dodgy money gggunner talks about does not exist. the only dodgy part of abramovich's wealth was the money used to buy his oil company, sibneft, before it merged with a refinery. He bought a majority stake in the company with a business colleague ( now in jail, convicted of crimes abramovich was not part of) and diluted the shares. Immoral, yes. Illegal, no. The doubt is over how a russian street seller managed to pay $220m when he had only a $100m in the bank. It later emerged at his business partner's trial that he lent abramovich the money. a simplified account was written by harry hill, and is available for ignoerant fools such as you gggunner. p.s. enjoy 4th place, it wont get much better. pps dont bother with the cheap jibes - money does buy class, both on and off the pitch. we are now better than you. When did you last beat us?  

  71. # Anonymous Harry

    The dodgy money gggunner talks about does not exist. the only dodgy part of abramovich's wealth was the money used to buy his oil company, sibneft, before it merged with a refinery. He bought a majority stake in the company with a business colleague ( now in jail, convicted of crimes abramovich was not part of) and diluted the shares. Immoral, yes. Illegal, no. The doubt is over how a russian street seller managed to pay $220m when he had only a $100m in the bank. It later emerged at his business partner's trial that he lent abramovich the money. a simplified account was written by harry hill, and is available for ignoerant fools such as you gggunner. p.s. enjoy 4th place, it wont get much better. pps dont bother with the cheap jibes - money does buy class, both on and off the pitch. we are now better than you. When did you last beat us? also, our club has been convicted less times of dodgy accounting. You pay your player in offshore accounts, using every loophole possible to the extent that you were examined by the inland revenue. The fabregas and now merida deals show immorality, poaching youtrh players as chelsea do but without compensation - marseille took you to court over flamini - at least we offered compensation. you sent merida to a crap spanish club to lower the fee paid to barca. how can you now accuse chelsea of lacking class when it comes to transfers?  

  72. # Anonymous Eddy

    Harry,"money does buy class",yeah if your looking for Jade Goodey or Katey Price type class howewever the rest of us mere mortals who strive for success without having to spend 3 times the revenue we have coming in the door will just carry on doing what we do,whilst you guys win all the titles but gain no respect from anyone.As for "when was the last time we beat you?",let me remind you poor deluded celery throwing moonstomping 80's throwback that until your Russian sugar Daddy bailed you out and things were on an even keel,you never used to beat us.  

  73. # Anonymous Harry

    I believe it is you who is the throwback, reminiscing on the times when you could win a league title or beat us. We have not lost to you since your invincible period three seasons ago. How does basking in chelsea's glory make me an 80s throwback? ps Jordan is an arsenal fan. ps regarding the comments i posted about your club using all those loopholes, i completely forgot beveren, who are listed on your website as a youth?reserve side  

  74. # Anonymous Like it is

    Reality is the the Chelsea of today is here to stay. They are powerful in the transfer market and are attractive to join for players. Yes Abramovich has made the difference the same as the Moore family did at Liverpool. Roman is going nowhere so wake up and smell the coffee that is Like it is and Ashley Cole seems to Like it that way leaving the corrupt, sneaky back stabbing gunners who as stated above have stolen young players, organised illegal feeder clubs and illegal tax free payments. Not to mention big Sol who was tapped up from spurs well take a look from the other side of the fence. Gunners fans will be like kids with thier faces pressed up against the sweet shop window because....that is Like it is  

  75. # Anonymous Willow

    Personally, I hope Cole stays with you. I know it isnt my money but I wish Roman would tell you he isnt worth that amount. You keep him another year and then he will be free to negotiate. hopefully all the way to Madrid  

  76. # Anonymous blue dude

    who gives a fark...he's shite anyhoo...  

  77. # Anonymous dixon9

    Not very bitter about the subject!!!!! Not surprised really - he´s one of the best in the world in his position and he could be going to an arch rival - or maybe not.....

    A few thoughts on the subject:

    (1) Before Colegate occured, Cole was a very, very loyal player - if you´d have cut him in half like a stick of rock, you would have seen Arsenal written on the inside of his torso.

    (2) Cole wanted more money - not because he was greedy - he wanted some form of parity with others who had not been at the club as long as he had (bear in mind that at this time he was also being lauded as one of the best in the world).

    (3) Cole consulted with Wegner and Dein - they agreed that he should get more. Dein promised him he would push things through.

    (4) A quibble over an agents fee made the board go back on Dein´s word - Cole felt disrespected and cheated, Wegner was amazed at the reverse and Dein embarrassed.

    (5) At this time Arsenal were borrowing up to 500M (more than Abramovich had spent on Chelsea) but were quibbling over 15,000 a week in total.

    (6) Cole - or his agent - or probably both, then decided to speak to Chelsea.

    (7) Kenyon "almost fell of his chair" when he received the call for the meeting. Chelsea were only to pleased to talk to him - the possibility of signing one of the best and getting one over on their rivals was too good an opportunity to miss.

    (8) The meeting location was probably even chosen for it´s "more public" situation - destabilising Arsenal was an consolation prize even if he wasn´t signed (I´m guessing on this one).

    (9) Cole didn´t sign and then played irregularly for Arsenal - Arsenal fans extremely p--sed off, Wegner disappointed, Dein embarrassed - and Chelsea of course the devil´s spawn.

    (10) EVENTUALLY Cole received an increase (didn´t he?) but the damage had already been done.

    Sure, Cole had behaved badly but was this just because he was greedy? Course not! He´d been at the club since he was a boy and the stuffed etonian shirts had broken a promise made to him - 2 wrongs don´t make a right but just to blame Cole is rediculous! The board (in my opinion) made a right stick of rock up (and I wouldn´t be surprised if Wegner feels the same way).

    Arsenal fans are understandably upset about losing one of their best players to Chelsea but hand on heart, you all know it wasn´t entirely Cole´s fault. I´m sure you must all be asking yourselves "If the board have nothing to hide why are they trying to prevent Cole´s book being released?".

    In my opinion Cole will probably end up at Chelsea. We are offering 15.5M-16.5M and will probably up this to 18M-19M at the eleventh hour negotiations (don´t be surprised if there is an agreement whereby Arsenal require the fee to be "undisclosed"). Your board have to decide between Cole going somewhere else and losing say 3-4M or Chelsea. We´ll see what happens.

    ........and don´t forget - Arsenal will need time to spend the money - they can´t dither too much - 31st August deadline.  

  78. # Anonymous History

    Let's talk about History seeing how it seems such a popular debate on here.
    Let's talk about Sir Henry Norris and how he turned Arsenal professional (getting Woolwich Arsenal expelled from the London FA).
    Let's talk about how he wanted to move you lot to Fulham and play at Craven Cottage (he happened to be a Fuham Director). Let's talk about how he used the anti semitism against Tottenham at the Football League as a bargaining tool for them getting relegated after the Great war.
    Let's talk about how the team that came 5th in the 2nd Division, you lot, replaced them.
    Let's talk about how Norris was banned from football by 1929.
    Nice to have a History innit?
    And you lot reckon Chavski have no class!  

  79. # Anonymous Eddy

    Like it is-Desperate for some sort of justification as to why it acceptable for a club to spend way beyond their income you drag Liverpool and The Moore family into the equation but if you seriosly think that on a percentage basis revenue gained against outgoing costs you can really think that Chelsea and Liverpool are comparible you are dreaming as you are talking about a team that rammed a ground full of 50,000 fans week in week out and earned their right to attract the best players in the in the World and all the plaudits as love or hate them their spending matched their outgoing to a large extent whereas you classless twats did not win anything of signficance until the Russian piled his millions in and Iam afraid most people consider you lower than Blackburn in the respect stakes as atleast Jack Walker was a lifelong fan as opposed to the Russian who flew around London(try Spurs) trying desperately to find a club that would have his ill gotten gains.That's the way it is deal with it instead of desperately trying to find someone on football history that has had outside investment on your scale before(forget it it hasn't happened).You both miss the point that Arsenal fans concede that Chelsea will beat all around them and sweap the floor again on the domestic League front but seem to forget conveniently that when we won our 13 titles we didn't have some sugar Daddy chucking obscene amounts of cash at the squad and you must be so gutted that after 55 years of waiting for the title not one persion outside your club gives you credit.Atleast with Manchester United Arsenal fans have something to emulate ie build a big stadium,get a big fanbase,sell loads of murchandise buy lots of good players that you can afford whereas with you lot what is emulate about a team that is purely built around one backer and don't give that old crap Kenyon comes out with about breaking even in 3 years...yeah right your wage bill must be unbelievable with atleast 10 players earning above £60.000 a week.As for the Beveren comment Arsenal football club have been cleared of any wrongdoing as they could prove that they had no controlling interest in the club or rights to any shares,a slightly different situation than the one with you an CSK.Cambell ran his contract down and was free to go wherever,did you then accuse Barcelona and Manchester United of attempting to tap him up by showing interest?answers on a post card please.By the way if you had bothered to watch the poorly presented an d researched NewsNight programme you would have seen David Mellor defending Arsenal and asking quite rightly what the hell we had been accused of.Your club is best summed up by your belief that money can buy you into anything you want,please see Mr Kenyon's approach to Sven who was under contract with the FA and the Ashley Cole saga in the middle of the West End in a hotel,yes Ashley is dim but I thought your management team might have tried to be a little more tactful after being caught red handed with Sven,by the way cheers for that you managed to secure the biggest waste of space a 100% pay rise and another 2 years on his contact with FA.You boys don't seem to get it when we line up against you and our back line cost a combined total of £1 million (Eboue £500,000 Senderos £500,000 Toure £250000 and Cole free)we expect to lose to a club who have spent more on one of their players than our entire team.Once again ,yes for the hard of hearing you have got a better team but wouldn't anyone that had spent £300 million and if I was a Chelsea fan I would expect to win the treble this year no more no less.Keep throwing celery around and listening to Bad Manners it should amuse you at half time.  

  80. # Anonymous dixon9

    Try using paragraphs.........  

  81. # Anonymous History

    Eddy old son, what was your crowd v Portsmouth (December 2004)the season you won the Champions League? 35,000? When was the last time Chavski got 35,000 or less for a League game? When Liverpool won the League in after World War II who had the largest crowds the following year? Chavski (with no History) or Liverpool?  

  82. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Dixon9 what's your point or what's the point of you?
    History -if you honestly feel that you would care to represent yourself in the debate about Arsenal's history against Chelsea's I would suggest that you best arm yourself with a few useful facts,firstly as you quote "the year that we won The Champions League",Arsenal have never won the Champions League but I guess you must have me mixed up with a Liverpool fan as I have been going to Highbury for over 20 years and the saeson ticket waiting list exceeds 25,000 and therefore given the ratio of season ticket holders to match day tickets I find it impossible to believe that we are not sold out for every home Premiership game and if the crowd was under 38500 then it was because some season ticket holders failed to show and didn't sell their tickets on.Boring.
    As for your belief that Iam a Liverpool fan given your previous comment I hold an admiration for what liverpool achieved in the 70's and 80's as they did it the correct way,earnings against outgoings(try David Fairclough)whereas you lads gain noones respect or admiration because quite frankly given your obscene spending you should win everything.  

  83. # Anonymous bitter n twisted

    Chelsea have a better team than us, a better team than most. When a team can spend 30 million on a 30 year old its no suprise is it.

    The beauty of football is it mimics life, just when you think all is well, it kicks you in the face. Trust me liverpudlians, mancunians even residents of carlise when that day comes, and Chelsea return to status of wank alsorans where they belong, the drinks will be on twisted.  

  84. # Anonymous dixon9

    Anon you twerp!

    I think you mean to reply to another poster!  

  85. # Anonymous Eddy

    Football is all about the past and the present so when that time comes when things are not so rosy in the Chelsea camp and they cannot afford to take Spurs' sporting Director away and put on 4 times the money to do a meaningless job,when they can't afford to step in a literally ruin the Mikel Obi transfer(he had signed for Manchester United and was their player so how could Chelsea still talk to him without it being classed as tapping up)when Chelsea cannot afford to pay £10 million more than everyonelses valuationof players(try Shevchenko and SWP)and still have the front to say to Arsenal that they want a fair market price.That will be the day that Football returns to normality and then we deal with the past and unlike giving grudging applause to Manchester United and Liverpool for their past achievements I and most other fans will refuse to acknowledge Chelsea's success and achievements as they have in everyone's eyes except Chelsea fans been bought.  

  86. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Dixon.Me Twerp?I feel you aren't really adding too much to this debate apart from using words that most people stopped using in the 80's and I suspect that you may well be living in a bygone era where Bad Manners were the people to listen to and surging around in The Shed whilst throwing celery around was socially acceptable.  

  87. # Anonymous CECIL FOR U,,1843665,00.html

    Read it, if you still don't get it then you are just too blind man.  

  88. # Anonymous dixon9

    Pathetic Anon!

    You´re showing yourself up even more now - why not just admit that you made a mistake?  

  89. # Anonymous lick me

    fuck u chelsea see us soon racists fucks  

  90. # Anonymous lick me

    fuck u chelsea see us soon racists fucks  

  91. # Anonymous from behind

    The beauty of having a billionaire benefactor is not so much the money available to spend, but the money available to lose. Look beyond this summer's acquisition of Andriy Schevchenko and the relentless pursuit of Ashley Cole and consider instead what happened within the space of two unheralded days in July. Damien Duff and Asier Del Horno were ushered out of Stamford Bridge for a combined fee of more than £15m less than Chelsea originally paid. Time for a change? Didn't work out? Whatever.
    Chelsea's unlimited stash of 'whatever' money symbolises how they live on a different planet from everybody else. What if the departure of Hernan Crespo on a long-term loan suggests they will never see much of his £17m outlay? Whatever. How about paying £12m to Manchester United for a teenager who has never played at Old Trafford for a single second to disentangle John Obi Mikel from his contractual obligations? Whatever.

    Since Roman Abramovich began underwriting Chelsea's accounts, more than £100m of whatever money has been discarded, if you include the Mikel deal. A considerable number of players have come and gone with their values tumbling between entrance and exit. In addition to Duff, Del Horno and Crespo, there was Adrian Mutu, Juan Sebastian Veron, Scott Parker, Alexei Smertin, Jiri Jarosik, Tiago. Obviously Chelsea can afford to deal with zero consequences. But it is this ability to trade so casually that illustrates the different worlds inhabited by Chelsea Football Club and the rest.

    For 19 Premiership clubs, £100m equates to almost six years of TV money - a lifeline in the modern game on an annual basis. Any other club who haemorrhaged a similar sum would be, at best, looking to sack their entire board, or at worst, liquidated. To fritter away £100 million really is something else. If it wasn't so grotesque it would be admirable in its audacity.

    Of course, when it comes to business, Chelsea specialise in the audacious. Locking horns with Arsenal over two players this summer, they will take extra pleasure from winning the battle twice over. They will get to sign Cole and to keep William Gallas should they so wish. The episode with their unsettled France defender is an interesting Chelsea case study. Relations between Gallas and manager Jose Mourinho have been strained for some time. The player has one year left on his contract, wants out, is only too keen to join Arsenal and has made a stand. All over the football world that is a guaranteed recipe for a transfer. But not at Chelsea. They can keep him as an exhibition of muscle flexing. If he leaves next summer for nothing on a Bosman, so be it.

    'Hell-bent on ruining football' may be a comment Sir Alex Ferguson wanted to distance himself from when it leaked out during the summer, but it sums up the worry that persists outside of London SW6 about Chelsea's quest for global domination. It is frightening that the exposure and punishment of a tapping-up scandal neither stopped them from going back for Cole, nor approaching three young players from Leeds United, which provoked their old friend Ken Bates to cry foul.

    It is not just in England that Chelsea's practices cause alarm. Bayern Munich's president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge disapproves of what he calls 'unacceptable' lack of budgetary controls, considering the two clubs have a comparable turnover. 'We make a €35m profit; this is required for our investment. Chelsea can lose €204m. Mr Abramovich obviously stumped up for it,' lamented Rummenigge. 'This makes for unequal competition, but we play against each other in the Champions League. This is not acceptable.'

    In Spain, Barcelona's Lionel Messi confessed to hating Chelsea more than Real Madrid. In France, last week a teenage prospect the Blues had on trial chose not to swap Marseille for the King's Road. Defender Mehdi Benatia turned down their overtures, pointing to the failure of Shaun Wright-Phillips to make an impact as one of his reasons. 'Chelsea don't trust young players,' he said. 'I could earn a lot of money there, but I would stay on the bench and living that situation abroad is not what I want. Chelsea are impressive, but I am young and I need to play and compete.'

    Fifa president Sepp Blatter, in one of his regular criticisms of the English champions, opined that 'Chelsea is an example of what should not happen'. For the club's players and manager, whose work ethic is first class, the negativity Chelsea continues to attract must be frustrating. Thierry Henry, who last week countered his disappointment in the prospect of Cole's defection across London by emphasising how much he admired Chelsea's team mentality, sings a rare song of praise from Premiership rivals who struggle to resist the blue juggernaut. 'I don't see money on the pitch,' he said. 'I see a team that fight.'

    But Henry cannot honestly think the way they fight for supremacy from the boardroom is endearing. When will it stop? Will winning the Champions League be enough to make Chelsea relax sufficiently to loosen up on the megalomaniacal tendencies? The Champions League is the biggest profile-builder in football. A sparkling run, as Arsenal discovered last season and Liverpool the season before, takes a club, in terms of popularity and marketing, to parts of the world other club competitions cannot reach.

    On the domestic front it does English football no benefit to accept that Chelsea's third consecutive title is inevitable. Desperadoes searching for reasoning that Chelsea can be toppled clutch at the hope that managing a squad of superstars will be problematic. It is hard to see how Michael Ballack and Shevchenko cannot provide even more options of the highest quality. But it is also easy to imagine a few noses being put out of joint.

    When Italian football was at its wealthiest, the most consistent problem was monstrously paid players bitching and sniping about who was and wasn't on the teamsheet. Maintaining that Chelsea idea of 'the family' is a challenge. Just looking at the midfielders in Mourinho's squad, it is hard to believe Ballack, Frank Lampard, Claude Makelele, Michael Essien, Arjen Robben, Joe Cole, Mikel, Wright-Phillips and the seldom seen Lassana Diarra can all be happily accommodated.

    Sooner or later, there may be some more 'whatever' money to add to the pile  

  92. # Anonymous history

    So that 100 million was wasted?? 2 League titles suggests otherwise. Surely it is the other clubs that have spent fortunes over the last couple of years that have wasted their money? This is what happens when women write football articles!  

  93. # Anonymous History

    Surely 2 consecutive Premiership Titles suggest that 100 million was far from wasted. I'd suggest that every other club trying to buy their way to success and failing suggests money wasted!  

  94. # Anonymous Peter W

    History - read it again - it doesn't say 'wasted' anywhere. Go on try once more - you may get there in the end!  

  95. # Anonymous future

    history u r a cunt  

  96. # Anonymous gggunners

    yeah right harry like you knoew the facts it is a fact that yeltsin sold off national assets for 1 more term and that abram is now the owner so piss of u piecer of shit and stop reading the sun maybe go back to school and stop shagging your liuttle bro,s and sisters u peado an as 4 u history do you know anything about the real world that money could save lives an you could still ava gd team its disgusting to anyone with 1/2 a brain so ava think i hope u dont get a headache  

  97. # Anonymous Anonymous

    an history u show your real colours what do u think of women eh unable to have an opinion on football, what about your mum is she uninteligent yepo to have a sprog like you indicates so  

  98. # Anonymous gggunnercomeangetuharry

    hya ha 1-0  

  99. # Anonymous Harry

    Why resort to petty insults? is that all you can do? I know Yeltsin sold off national assets, that is what i said. To clear things up, The USSR was a communist country. Therefore its assets belonged to the state. When the USSR became a capitalist country, its assets became privatised. This means that all the oil companies, media etc. were bought by individuals. Why he could get another term out of it, you explain. That is called an opinion. If there is any evidence of backhanders to Abramovich, please explain. And if you are complaining about the money chelsea spends on transfer fees not being spent on charitable projects, what about Abramovich's work in Chutokha? The people worship him there, because he has so dramatically improved the standard of life. Chelsea is also sponsoring the development of Asian football, and has committed several million pounds. Name some charitable acts that your club performs. Again, I encourage you to read the book by Harry Hill. Abramovich no longer owns any of Russia assets, by the way. He sold Sibneft a year ago, and sold his rights in a media company almost 10 years ago. This is coming almost straight out of the book and is far more substantial then your opinion, which has no factual basis. P.S if you are so concerned by the worlds needs, don't take out a £500m loan and splurge it on a new stadium, spend it on baby incubators or tractors for africa. in fact, sell the computer which enables you to write the crap coming out of your head, your house and all your worldly possessions, then go get a job and donate your wages to a chariy such as CLICSargent  

  100. # Anonymous blues batterer

    harry go suk yo mumma nips  

  101. # Anonymous hahahah

    na cdont say that hes just had his tongue up his sons arse  

  102. # Anonymous Harry

    Good ones... i actaully was fingering my sister... nice and witty. Fresh. How do you come up with this stuff? I know, its that north london wit. So good. Keep it coming. How old are you by the way? 12? Grow up and get a job.  

  103. # Anonymous Harry

    Gggunner u got a comeback to my earlier post? or do you know more about Chelsea than me?  

  104. # Anonymous ggunner

    how could anyone know more about anything than you harry, its obvious you are a genius, im sure that its pointless for me to tell you that even if you win another 5 titles on the trot you still are a classless bunch of mother&*^%&ers with less titles than us so yeah i have no intrest in the trivial details of your wonderfull clubs history which is clothed in such historic splendour now y dont you get back to chewin on your old dears nips and leave us alone to OUR site .  

  105. # Anonymous gggunnercomeangetuharry

    cmon harry u and i an all the others know its dirty cash so get the blinkers off and get your mums dildo out off your rusty bullet hole you mug  

  106. # Anonymous Harry

    Good to see i wound you up. Enjoy life.  

  107. # Anonymous gggunner

    arry u mug the only thing u wind up is your old mans mechanical dildo y not p off to a blues site and take your racially predjudice ideas with u.  

  108. # Anonymous DGS

    If Chelsea are such a great club then why do they obsess with Arsenal?
    They buy SWP cos we were getting him. They want Cole because he's ours. They'd buy Highbury if they could and make a bingo hall!
    They'd like our new stadium too. Tough shit!
    And they'd love our pedigree. Ever so Rock-hard shit!
    No one likes Chelsea!
    Even Bates hates them!  

  109. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  110. # Anonymous HenrosePore


  111. # Anonymous JaraldinaVenesska
  112. # Anonymous Anonymous

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