Cracking the Reyes/Ribery Enigma

No pre-season story has had as many twists and turns this year as the ongoing transfer sagas of Jose Reyes and Franck Ribery. With stories coming out every day seemingly contradicting each other, with one person promising to stay and then tomorrow he's on the brink of leaving.

So what the bloody hell is going on?

Firstly let’s look at Ribery. Arsenal had been linked to Ribery leading up to the World Cup, with Wenger apparently using the competition to judge the player; Ribery had also been flirting with a move to Lyon for some time.

After the tournament rumours spread of Ribery joining a host of other clubs including Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham (!) and Lyon amongst others. But these were quelled with Ribery coming out Thierry Henry style and committing his future to Marseille.

Only for days later for him to change his mind and say he wants to move to a particular club to play Champions League football. Arsenal were linked with an imminent move, however Wenger categorically denied it and eventually Ribery changed his mind again, claiming he now really wants to stay at Marseille.

And he we are today. My theory on the subject is simple; Ribery (who is not the most loyal cookie in the jar) wanted to leave Marseille, to Arsenal or Lyon. However Wenger had no such interest in a move and Lyon's apparent bid for the player turned out to be false, so Ribery is forced to stay at Marseille as seemingly no-one wants him, and he needs to get the fans back on his side after angering them by threading to leave. And the best way to do this is to commit yourself to the club publicly hence the second statement of wishing to remain...simple.

Now onto Reyes.

You'd be forgiven for thinking Reyes is seemingly suffering from schizophrenia with the amount of contradiction in the press.

There had always been murmurs in the background of an apparent Reyes move to Madrid, but this came to the forefront when Spanish publication, Marca, claimed he desperately wanted a move to Real. Reyes came out on the Arsenal website categorically denying it. The exact same thing happened in the next few days with Reyes claiming he wanted out and then saying Marca made it all up.

All seemed settled then. Until we saw a picture of Reyes in a Madrid shirt posing and clutching the badge. This was seemingly an innocent picture however as it was taken privately before Arsenal's match with Madrid.

And then Reyes didn't play in Arsenal's Champions League qualifier. The match would have cup-tied him if he went to Madrid. However Wenger said he didn't play him as all the talk of his future "unsettled" him. Believable but suspicious.

So everything seemed fine and dandy, until Reyes appeared on both the cover and the website of Marca. And the words "Oh for fuck's sake, Jose!!" sprang to my mind.

And then yesterday he was in the team photo whilst Ashley Cole wasn't, so what does that mean!

My theory then. Reyes wants a move to Madrid but he's had some trouble trying to tell Wenger about it, who wants Reyes to stay. If Real are interested and Wenger wanted rid of Jose he would be gone by now. But Wenger does not like to be proven wrong, he does not want Reyes to be seen as a flop.

Wenger wants to hold onto Reyes and I think will try quite hard to make things as difficult as possible for Madrid to get their man. Hence the recent dangling of a Baptista shaped carrot in front of Arsene's face. With the addition of money plus a Baptista swap it may just be enough to make Wenger forget about Reyes and let him leave.

Well that's what I think anyway....

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  1. # Anonymous East at the Grove

    I don't rate Baptista and don't think he'd suit our style of play anyway.  

  2. # Anonymous Brian

    I agree with you. I think the swap might just happen - providing the added money is enough. Wenger wanted Baptista this time last year, why not now?  

  3. # Anonymous herdee stringcity

    Baptista should not happen -

    He jerked us around last year and Wenger needs to do one thing - sign players who WANT to play for Arsenal.

    Fuck Reyes and fuck Cole. The sooner these assholes leave and we have some money to bank the better.

    Does anyone honestly believe Reyes wants to stay now???  

  4. # Anonymous Omar

    We need muscle, we are serious lacking in physical play and Baptista can offer that to us.  

  5. # Anonymous Larry Grayson

    Shut that door.  

  6. # Anonymous Anders

    Baptista alone is a better player then Reyes. Baptista would give Arsenal a power presence in the middle of the park who can serve both as an intimadating central midfield presence OR as an out and out 15 goal a year striker. He is extremely versatile and was arguably Madrids best player over their last 10 games last year. If Arsenal can really come away with 10 million euros and Baptista for Reyes, they would be far better off. Now if we could sell Cashley to them straight up for Robinho and I think we would have rebuilt the strike force.  

  7. # Anonymous sms

    "Wenger wanted Baptista this time last year, why not now?"

    Because we have Diaby.

    Because Fabregas is our main man in midfield.

    Because we have Merida coming through.

    Because we have Flamini.

    Baptista isn't a defensive midfielder.

    We do not need him.  

  8. # Anonymous East at the Grove

    Has Baptista got EU citizenship now??  

  9. # Anonymous Deise Gooner

    I think he has. 2 years before he went to Real and 1 there. Its 3 for a passport isnt it ?  

  10. # Anonymous ty

    One year goes by and everybody forgets about our need for plan B. Well Baptista offers that as he is big and strong, good in the air and does not back out of challenges. Arsenal are instantly a much bigger stronger team and will be less intimidated going to Bolton. Left wing will be covered by Rosicky, VanPersie, and Walcott can also fit in there.Baptista can also be a backup to Gilberto until Diaby returns. All thats left is Cole. He is good and I would rather he stay but he burnt his bridges and will be off to the Bridge. Gallas coming would be the perfect fit as he still has a few years left in him while Senderos and Djourou
    are bled in. If not Gallas then buy another experienced
    central defender. Wenger believes Clichy is ready and will use traore as his backup this year.  

  11. # Anonymous East at the Grove

    Depends where you are from Deise.

    Over here just say you are a Mosabique rapist and you get a passport express delivery.  

  12. # Anonymous East at the Grove

    Wasn't Adebayor the plan B??  

  13. # Anonymous matt

    baptisa is shit

    reyes should stay

    cashley cole can get fucked

    and wenger should sign me up

    wenger id like the name smasher on the back of my shirt bring me on in the 93rd min of any game you like point out the target ...... and i promise i will injure any opposing teams star player ...

    what ja think wenger?  

  14. # Anonymous Anders

    We lost goals in Pires and Bergkamp and only have Rosicky, who isnt a goal scorer, coming back. Sure, we can expect Cesc and Robin to pick up some of that slack but not all of it. THis guy had back to back years of 15 plus goals in La Liga in not even his natural position. Arsneal can not go into next year needing Thierry to provide all the offense. This guy can give you goals and can serve as a middle of the park enforcer as well. He is exactly what Arsenal needs. And for him to provide 2 things in one player helps a ton as well. Now if we can swap Cashley for Robinho, we can add another creative element to the offense and spend some of that champs league money on a guy like Abidal and Id be thrilled.  

  15. # Anonymous markymark

    Abidal is utter shite .... no way do we need him.
    Plus no way we are going to get Galls - ain't gonna happen.
    Anyone know what's happened to this Illiasu fella?  

  16. # Anonymous Deise Gooner

    I believe its 3 years for a spanish passport but i could be wrong. Ade could be plan B1 and The Beast planB2. Not sure wel get him tho or that Reyes is goin anywhere. Id bet on Cesc baggin a few goals this season. And along with Ade, VanP and Rosicky theyl help Henry out. Hleb might pop up with a few himself tho i reckon hel have most assists.  

  17. # Anonymous East at the Grove

    I think Hleb will be a star this season. He was starting to look quality and these players often take a while to adapt. If he asserts himself as a regular, don't forget that Ljungberg played some of the best football of his Gooner career on the left. Could be another back up if JAR goes.  

  18. # Anonymous sms

    "One year goes by and everybody forgets about our need for plan B. Well Baptista offers that as he is big and strong, good in the air and does not back out of challenges."


    "Left wing will be covered by Rosicky, VanPersie, and Walcott can also fit in there."

    Walcott and RvP can play on the flanks in a 4-3-3.

    So when do we play 4-3-3?

    "Baptista can also be a backup to Gilberto"

    No he can't.  

  19. # Anonymous mark

    matt you are delusional m8. reyes has done nothing for us. he runs into players and falls down. he has very few tricks at pace.

    baptista is a striker now. he was a midfield player when he first started.

    its like you buy henry to play him on the wing. no one but stupid madrid would do it.

    thats why he failed last year. but when he was played as a striker he scored 8 goals and made many. got them CL qualified.

    arsene was not buying baptista last year to replace paddy. cesc was replacing paddy and we still had silva. it was lazy reporters who never watched him at sevilla.

    you can say adebayors position is the most threatened.  

  20. # Anonymous gazzap

    dont rate baptista but he'd be better than reyes for offering a different style of player ie big lumbering oaf... but wenger isn't the sort to compromise. OK so he wanted him last year but he does not want him any longer now he has Ade. so he does not want to add dead weight to his squad just for the sake of it.

    I dont like Cole but I do rate him. can anyone think of a better left back available now? I cant. if ash does stay we still have a top left back playing for us. I just hope we dont do business with Chavski. I guess £23m would be fair if it had to happen though.  

  21. # Anonymous East at the Grove

    I don't blame Jose totally for not really making it at Arsenal. I just think that we don't play to his strengths. He is so often forced to check his runs and come back after beating the full back because he has nobody in the box. This is why having a right footed player there suits our style more i.e Pires, Rosicky.  

  22. # Anonymous Deise Gooner

    Didnt Hleb play in the left when he was in Germany as well as thru the middle? Rosicky on right, Hleb on left. Reyes and Henry up front might work  

  23. # Anonymous gazzap

    thats why pennant would always be more successful at Brum or Liverpool because they have men in the box to score headers and knock down. Arsenal having wingers is pointless. they look up to see no-one in the box. Reyes and Pennant can be successful, just not at Arsenal.  

  24. # Anonymous Juan

    It requires 2 years, but the paper work and court attending process can take a while, meaning for a latin american and other spanish colony country (philipines etc.) citizen will need 2 years living in Spain to entitled him a spanish passport + another good one and the half years to grant him the full citizenship. And the last time i checked, Baptista still need another 4-6 mths to finalize the process. For the time being, Baptista still categorized under non- EU player which requires work permit from Home Office for him to play in EPL and i don't think he fulfill the 75% international appearance.

    Anyway, I'm a spaniard myself, and from what i've seen in the last 3 preseason games of Real Madrid (Austrian and US tour), Baptista has been very good, his already big physique has bulked and he looks so huge yet so agile, and if Arsenal has the chance to prise him away from Real, it will be a very good deal for the Gunners.  

  25. # Anonymous Gelbs

    Not Arsenal related. And nor do I give a shit about England. But....Why the fuck is that cunt Phil Neville in the England squad?! I hate that cunt and he is total shit. What has he done in the past 2/3 seasons?!  

  26. # Anonymous East at the Grove

    gazzap, spot on. That's why I think we'd be better off with the money from JAR. He is a good player and a nice lad, but London doesn't suit him and he doesn't suit Arsenal, so he should be allowed to leave. I for one don't hold anything against him and hope he does well in Madrid. He isn't being driven by pound notes like that other contemptuous little cunt and has always expressed his homesickness.  

  27. # Anonymous Ben Gooner

    I really feel, knowing Wenger and his genius, no one player (or players considering Cashley Hole)is going to get the better of the club. From what i've heard Baptista has some serious work permit issues and said he "seriously wanted to become spanish" something he obviously cant be in the UK. If that is the case then the obvious better option is to try and keep Reyes, who had one of the highest assist rates in the prem, rather than gamble, on the EU or whoever, giving untested and unproven Babtista a permit.

    Secondly Scarface has played for SEVEN clubs in FIVE years. Doesnt sound like a safe option if you ask me.

    Bottom line is if you don't want to play for us the sling your hook. We will continue to go to greater heights with or without you. Such is the magic of Wenger  

  28. # Anonymous Juan

    Oh forget to add, Baptista will be out for another 3 weeks due to ankle injury.

    Reyes will leave but Arsenal have yet to receive offer matching their valuation. Mijatovic has indeed playing a hard game by putting 9.5 mil pound on the table , which totally unaccepteable, they also willing to splash another 5 mil pound but in 2 years installment which was declined by Dein and co. So, looking at how things has been progress, Reyes deal can only be completed after the 2nd leg match against Dinamo Zagreb.  

  29. # Anonymous fletch

    enough with reyes...we'll keep him...I REALLY want Ribery...He and Henry had something going at the World Cup  

  30. # Anonymous tarky

    | really want ribery too -

    I wonder if his weener is bigger than his scar.  

  31. # Anonymous mark

    reyes work as a striker. do you watch arsenal at all?

    where do you think he was playing before being dumped on the wing?

    he failed miserably as a striker.

    i think it will be bap + 5/6m for reyes.  

  32. # Anonymous herdee stringcity

    but why are you guys talking about baptista.

    this idiot strung us along for 6 wks last summer before making his preferred move to madrid.

    fuck these players who don't want to join us.

    and yes - reyes has huge potential but has delivered little for afc.

    if you want to know how good this kid was, watch sevilla v real madrid in late 2003/early 2004 and you will see a reyes we never saw.  

  33. # Anonymous mark

    why don't you watch real madrid vs sevilla.

    he was just as good.

    as zidane famously put it, he only plays against real madrid.  

  34. # Anonymous mark

    sorry i meant arsenal vs real madrid.  

  35. # Anonymous herdee stringcity

    sorry mate -

    we must have been watching a different game -

    the jose i remember missed a golden opportunity in each leg for afc v real -

    one which dare i say van persie, titi or dennis would have put away in their sleep.

    big stars in those games were eboue, hleb, titi and super cesc.  

  36. # Anonymous Donjohnni

    "He jerked us around last year and Wenger needs to do one thing - sign players who WANT to play for Arsenal."

    Good point. Thing is I'm not too fussed about this. We need a defensive midfielder who is versatile and can go forward a la Vieira - Baptista is this man. What if Gilberto gets injured? Who are we going to put there? Diaby is injured and Song, quite frankly, is poor. Baptista would be a good addition.

    However, if Reyes goes we're seriously screwed down the left side. All we have is Rosicky who is not a natural left-sided player. It's all very complex and in the long run I feel it is better if Reyes stays so not to upset the team too much. He'll grow up some day (like Fabregas).  

  37. # Anonymous geirsan

    I'm thinking more and more that the problem is many players don't WANT to play for Arsenal. Those that are good enough find other fields, and those that aren't up to it just aren't interesting for Arsene.  

  38. # Anonymous herdee stringcity

    Donjohnni -

    He won't grow up like Cesc -

    He's a pussy - he moved here with his family and created 'little Seville'.

    Cesc - aged 16 - moved into a gaff with Senderos.

    Cesc is also far better educated. Reyes is thick as shit.

    The point is that I am sick of these ungrateful fucks who sign lucrative contracts financed by our money and then say they want to leave and they're not happy mid-contract.

    Baptista will do the same.

    Owen Hargreaves is the boy.  

  39. # Anonymous Dean

    If Arsene wants to keep Reyes, he'll be persuaded to stay. If Wenger is tempted by Baptista, then that is the best thing for us. We have to trust him, he is the best manager in the world.
    I wouldn't be surprised if we got Gallas as part of the Cole deal. All Chelsea's "we're looking elsewhere" is total bravado, let's look at it, who else is there? In the end Roman will put up what we want (as he did with Essien). Don't be fooled with what you read, all the cards are heald by us, not them. If we lose Reyes and gain Baptista (+10 m euros) and then buy Ribery, I'd be more than happy.  

  40. # Anonymous longtimegunnersfan87

    Good points some utter sh*te but eveyone's entitled to ave an opinion. Me on the other had would like arsenal to wash there hands of this transfer crap concerning cole and reyes. I rate cole the player highly, the person is a whole other story. i rate reyes the player, even though he has not fulfilled his potential, the person seems confused about what he's doing unless he geniunely wants to go or stay. Personally if reyes goes i think we may have enough cover but would need some input, if he stays i would welcome that but i would like to see reyes produce more, he sets up enough goals, but is lightweight and falls down to easy. I don't really care what happens if cole stays or goes cos it's pissing me off. if he stays player power should come in, wenger should show that there are other players that can play and that he wont be a starter. if he goes good riddance, if he was a true arsenal fan he wouldn't have flirted with chelsea. If he stays at least till january and starts at left back i hope he gets stick just to show him how we feel bout his comments. I'm looking forward tothe new season and can't wait until 3.00 comes on saturday the 19th, i'm not sure what will happen but we will no once 12.00 comes on august 31st. Until don't get wound up by shitty comments in the press and on the net. Come on you gunners!!!!!  

  41. # Anonymous brandon

    well what i do suggest is that wenger sell reyes and get ribery....baptista isnt needed cos we've got merida and diaby coming through  

  42. # Anonymous adams

    hey gooner baptista is good and reyes is a prospect but want away. hey i still say cheer up we have the depth. Give ur selfs a break we are winning the league  

  43. # Anonymous Donjohnni

    Herdee Stringcity. Yeah I agree. He's a fuckin' pussy. I want to slap the taste out of his mouth! "MUMMY I MISS HOME. MUMMY IT'S TOO COLD. MUMMY I DON'T LIKE THE FOOD"


    Cesc is a real man and only 18. Clever, philosophical - a lad who respects the manager who brought him through. Who else in the WORLD would have given Cesc the same chance as Wenger? No one. And Reyes just throw's Wenger's faith back in his face.

    "Cesc - aged 16 - moved into a gaff with Senderos." LOL - that comment cracked me up. You gotta have balls living with that monkey man Senderos!  

  44. # Anonymous Donjohnni

    Oh - and Longtimegunnersfan87 I couldn't agree more. Can't wait for 3pm. Got my season ticket so I'll be there! The press spouts so much crap it should all be ignored. Trust Wenger!  

  45. # Anonymous Pabs

    Baptista chose to go to Madrid to gain EU citizenship and I love the way that everyone bangs on about the choices the player much do we think players are influenced by people around them? (Reyes? Anelka? Cole?) Reyes is a life long Madrid supporter along with his family. Anelka was lead a merry dance by his greedy brothers and now works as a window cleaner in Dagenham and Cole is clearly the thickest/most naive man in the world with a complete and I don't use this word lightly - CUNT for an agent plus a Top of the Pops girlfriend "wai aii goata Chelsea man, they're gant pay yas looods more money chick" DIE EVIL QUEEN FROM HELL. Baptista needs to stay in Spain for a couple more months to gain the passoporto, so I'm going to stick my neck out and say that Jose will go for a price we think is unacceptable and Baptista will sign in January.  

  46. # Anonymous Pabs

    Hargreaves is the man, I suggested a campaign to bring him here on the last thread.

    Bring Owen home, talent, experience and a burning desire to prove all the English doubters.  

  47. # Anonymous herdee stringcity


    If he wanted EU citizenship, why the fuck didn't he tell Arsene this from the outset? Instead, he used Arsenal's interest to get Real Madrid to push a deal through.

    Funny - I thought Reyes being Andalusian was for FC Sevilla - if you go down that way in a Real Madrid shirt, you might end up with one of your bollock's being served up as a tapa.  

  48. # Anonymous Donjohnni


    LOL :]  

  49. # Anonymous breeze

    fuck those money grabbing cunts..Arsenal stands Firm..The Professor has the Formula to fuck those cunty cunts up..cole can fuck off..  

  50. # Anonymous Brucie

    What do points make?  

  51. # Anonymous longtimegunnersfan87

    Just watched interview with cesc on At least he knows what he wants! Cesc is a top class player and i hope that he wants to go back to spain at the age of 32! We can wish, but he is a class player and when we have toure, eboue, djourou, hleb, rosicky, rvp, henry, adebayor and up and coming youngsters like merida, lupoli, walcott, bendtner and muamba we all still have reason to be cheerful. I for one also can't wait until senderos, clichy, lauren and diaby come back to the team, we'll defo be stronger and will might serious assaults on all competitions. So basically as you can see im pretty much happy with our team i can't tell you how much this gooner is looking forward to the season watch ur backs you russian chavs! They may be able to afford the likes of ballack and shevchenko but we have up and coming youngsters that can serve us for years to come, remember that. These two players are now at the back end's of there careers mourinho doesn't know how to bring up youngsters ans turn them into cesc's or senderos's he's just playin a real life version of champ manager. So here's to wenger, he knows how to bring players up and wouldn't waste proper talent like wright-phillips. Arsene knows! Arsenal for the double!  

  52. # Anonymous parkour_ninja

    Branew news! Cole signs for chelsea. Transfer to be confirmed over the weekend, possible fee given £23m. Good that assh*le was set free!  

  53. # Anonymous Red Square

    That ashley cole story is bollucks. no sources or anything.

    Vital Football is as good as Clubcall.  

  54. # Anonymous mclarens_evolution_not_revolution

    what a good, forward looking, idea of mine to call up phil neville again.  

  55. # Anonymous Rude Boy

    What do Points make? What kind of question is that you twat!! Go and have a wank to Bon Jovi and cry while you are wanking  

  56. # Anonymous gazzap

    I saw mourinho interview on SS news and he said he would not use Gallas at all in the community shield on sunday but did not want to talk about the reasons. well its clear he is off. but I dont think its to Arsenal. Mourniho is waiting to make sure he has signed Arsecole before letting Gallas go to Spain. so I think the Arsecole to chelsea for £23m could have some truth.
    I think reyes will go too. Madrid normally get their man. also why would dein be in negotiations if we weren't prepared to let Reyes go? he must just be trying to break even given that seville are taking a big chunk. If Baptista needs to stay in spain for 6 more months then Christ only knows who Arsenal will get, if anyone.
    Dont worry about it though, we have enough to win the league. I think Djourou could be a major player for us this season. Fingers crossed he steps up to the plate.  

  57. # Anonymous California Steve


    Before you go having a laugh at Senderos' expense -- just trying to imagine Cesc moving in with him when both were younger -- it just shows you the maturity of both guys.

    Mentally and emotionally, they're both about a decade ahead of the ages on their birth certificates.

    Cesc sharing a place with a "monkey" (your word) like Senderos, and you can't picture it?

    Well, maybe the fact that even at 16 Cesc knew that he was soon going to be running the Gunners' midfield, talking to the press, representing the club, etc. -- and that Senderos speaks five languages -- might have had something to do with it.

    Those two brilliant kids, the future of Arsenal, learned a lot from each other. That's a guarantee.  

  58. # Anonymous Red Square

    I'm currently trying to change the look of the site so apologies for any disruptions if there are any.  

  59. # Anonymous Rich Rangoon

    Another player who wants out! What is it with Arsenal at the moment, everyone wants to leave. i bet Henry now feels he was a bit hastie signing a new contract at the end of the season, but that £120,000 a week should soften the blow of knowing your not going to win nothing for the rest of your carrier. Midtable Beckons  

  60. # Anonymous Red Square

    I wouldn't call two people "everyone".  

  61. # Anonymous Peter W

    It seemed to me that Reyes wasn't often first choice for left wing for much of last season and I am sure that AW bought him as a second striker to replace Bergkamp. Trouble is that he doesn't have the bottle for most Premiership games. We have options for left midfield but not so many for the central attacking roles. TH, RvP and Ade with Freddie as back up but thats all unless you are including Walcott. For me Baptista makes good sense  

  62. # Anonymous gooner 4 life

    mmmmmmmm big pussy lips yum yum  

  63. # Anonymous Berkamp4Ever

    hey.. Jose Reyes in arsenal has never put up the same performace like he was in seville because in seville he was the one who carry the team...pretty much like henry in arsenal right right now are soo weird.. they just want instant success....if a player doesnt score..and all the fans will put him in rock bottom...he is not worth the money..bla..bla...bla...
    but actually even though jose havent been prolific lately he still gives assist...people just forget how crucial he was when he scored 2 goals against chelsea in fa cup...people dont seem to remember when he was the only one who scored against chelsea in champions league...2 years ago...and how he kept on scoring at the beginning of season 2 years ago...when the team resurrected in the games against middlesbrough from 3-1 defeat in half of the game and came back winning 5-3...people underated him....or maybe the one how mock not truly a gooner coz simply not seeing enough arsenal game to know... and just supporting arsenal when they are winning...

    well...i just hope this boy stays and shows all these people are wrong...
    when he got a good performance people simply dont credit him..just because he is being out shine by another player.....(you know who he is - and the time he struggle people also treat him like jose right now...but when he is being as good as he is right now people are praising him like god...).

    Everybody needs time to be great...  

  64. # Anonymous Peter W

    It is the gooners that have seen a lot of games that will judge Jose most critically. Sure in some games he has performed very well and he does work very hard but he has to perform more consistently. For sure he is a good player but probably one more suited to European games or Spanish football. As I said before he isn't performing the role that AW expected and bought him for and if we have the chance to cash in and get Baptista or Robinho in exchange then it will be good for us and good for Jose. It doesn't make Jose a bad player just not what is needed at the moment.

    Having said all that he is still only 22 and if his heart is in it and he wants to stay I would be happy to see how he does develop.  

  65. # Anonymous JOWLS

    reyes - dont know what he wants, as the article above says, its as if he has schitzophrenia...i hope he stays because as has been said again and again, hes got talent and he works his socks off...if however, all the media quotes and all that shite are true and he really is unsettled, then let him move and good luck to him.

    as for new purchases, i would like to join the hargreaves bandwagon....all of my friends, everyone on blogs (well maybe not everyone, but most people on blogs i read) were slating him and i held back as i never saw him regularly as i dont watch the german league....but considering how much stick he got playing for england, and then coming out in the press saying he wanted to prove everyone wrong and the playing like a lion in englands last few games proved not only what a good player he was but also what character he has....signing someone who is not only talented but who has a point to prove and who would be willing to prove that point would be good..........i dont want to discard gilberto, because despite him having a dismal season for the large part of last season, when hes on form he does his job well and is essential, the only thing that worries me is when hes off form and decides to pass to everyone not wearing a red and white (blue..etc) shirt

    arsenal do need to sign one or two more players, cant really say who, but basically, we do need experience, but not at the expense of costing us one of our brilliant young players...senderos etc may make a few costly mistakes but in the long run theyll learn from them and become the best in their position...nevertheless, im not satisified with purely building for the future and it would be good to get at least one player who would get us the vital points to come first  

  66. # Anonymous Victor

    I think Reyes should stay, I think he can perform much better than he is now. Rememeber during the unbeaten at the begining of the 2004/2005 season Reyes score every games and he was on firer so we need to get that Reyes Back.

    Baptista Suck!  

  67. # Anonymous bitter n twisted

    Reyes is cunt!!!!!!!
    i like the best city in the world comment its true so fuck him. bap is crap, abidal is shite, hargreaves is a worker but nothing more, we need some true world class talent but look around and its not really a golden era in terms of talent. the good news is the players that are coming through our ranks are quality, however i would like to see some qaulity editions because it feels like another year were the summer has been disapointing  

  68. # Anonymous slim

    to be aware of whats going with reyes is family so what we should do is go to the bundesliga and get nuri sahin to replace with a young talent and woundnt talk about home sick  

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