God help us all!

Terrible news today.
Graham "I can't count to 2" Poll is in charge for the first game at Ashburton.
2 Arsenal sendings off
1 Arsenal goal disallowed
1 Penalty for Aston Villa

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  1. # Anonymous Donjohnni

    Why won't the cock retire? Because he loves himself.  

  2. # Anonymous blingblong2000

    just worked it out, you know why.... him and sir cecil who makes his ugly guest appearance here are on of the same!  

  3. # Anonymous Jaymzy

    Oh great, I'm an Aussie and he screwed us AND I'm a gooner and he HAS screwed us before.

    I'm gonna go hide under a rock, someone wake me when its over!!!  

  4. # Anonymous Tripping

    At least it's not Mike Riley, who should be manning Sunday league matches and getting his kneecaps broken by unwashed Lancashire heathens.  

  5. # Anonymous glroryhunter

    The odds of a sending off are quite high. Remember that it takes 3 yellow cards to get sent off and hand balls don't count. And the ref has to blow the whistle twice for play to start (first time's a trial run?)  

  6. # Anonymous Twistiebob

    Yeah, I am an aussie gooner too, and NOT HAPPY - he is a joke and should be put down, now.  

  7. # Anonymous Viking-Gooner

    He'll probably hand out 3 yellow cards to Melberg against us. LOL!!!  

  8. # Anonymous ed

    wasnt/isnt he considered one of the better referees before the world cup debacle? or was he always brutal?  

  9. # Anonymous GeorgeSydAust

    I know its not relevant, but imagine the new owner of your football team being called ...........RANDY.... lol.  

  10. # Anonymous Groodge

    No doubt Poll will want to be the star of the show. The first referee to send 3 players off at the Emirates stadium or something similar.  

  11. # Anonymous Pabs

    Poll's a good ref, certainly the best in England for me - yeah he made a mistake but he's human - unfortunately he made his at the worst time possible for his career. I think we'll see a great performance with him being completely fair. Rather that than him at OT or SB giving penalties and ignoring obvious handballs (Yes John Terry that was aimed at you).  

  12. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    This is the worst possible appointment. Given that Poll's ego knows no stratospherical bounds, he will be desperate to be the first to i) send someone off, ii)give a penalty, iii)masturbate over his own image in the centre circle at the new stadium.  

  13. # Anonymous clockendgooner

    Uselss fat muppet!
    Like you've all said, all he wants to do is make a fucking name for himself... whether that's at our's or villa's expense!
    ...and i'm guessing it will be at ours, coz of the new stadium!

    "ohh Graham Poll, he's a fucking arsehole..."
    Just like Ashley Cole, who's take it up the hole..."  

  14. # Anonymous Peter W

    He has certainly been at the centre of some very dodgy decisions against us in the past but he is also capable or refereeing competently. It depends on whether he feels he needs to be the centre of attention or not. I would hope he would be in the mood to keep his head down after the World Cup debacle and not invite too much criticism. I can imagine the press are just waiting for his next cock up and that should (if he has any sense) encourage an even handed performance from him. Let's hope so !  

  15. # Anonymous goonerhopeful

    IM an Aussie gooner. Poll i hate him.  

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