Henry: I really hope there will be some new arrivals

Thierry Henry has made it clear he wishes Arsene Wenger to bring in some new blood to the team before the end of the month. Speaking in his column for the Sun, Henry made no bones about it.

"Along with Sol, Dennis and possibly Ashley, Robert Pires has also left us. It’s a big shame they’ve all gone."

"Before the end of this month, I really hope there will be some new arrivals to follow Tomas Rosicky."

However, Thierry is also confident in the spine of team, made up by Kolo Toure, Jens Lehmann and Gilberto.

"They’re no longer the new guys at this club and there is no doubt those three will help this team build on what we delivered last season "

"Jens is so vocal. I’ll admit this but not all players like it as he shouts and has a go. He had a great year last year and was brilliant in the World Cup. He’s an amazing player to have in the team."

"I can reveal Gilberto will be my vice-captain and, while he’s hardly a screamer, he calms the team down. He’s Brazilian. He’s chilled."

"Kolo is more vocal and, like the other two, forms the backbone of the current Arsenal side."

"So those three have a big role — it can’t just be me as leader. And despite the exit of some great players, I’m genuinely excited about this season."

Despite some questions over his deciding to remain at Arsenal with is basis on youngsters making up the bulk of the team, Thierry is confident he made the right choice.

"I have been asked whether there is any regret in not joining Barcelona but of course there isn’t."

"Arsenal is my club, London is my home. I can’t see myself ever leaving this great city."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

48 Responses to “Henry: I really hope there will be some new arrivals”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i love this guy..  

  2. # Anonymous Swedish Goon


  3. # Anonymous raconteur8

    "He’s Brazilian. He’s chilled." love that quote..  

  4. # Anonymous phoenix

    Now this is what I call a footballer with brain. We are fortunate to have players such as DB and TH in our team. I hope our youngsters learn from these seniors. They know how to conduct themselves in public. They know how to breathe confidence into the team and fans. We will be doomed if every player is as clueless as Reyes.  

  5. # Anonymous goonerhopeful

    henry... what can i say. a true legend. on and off the field  

  6. # Anonymous enki

    as a player transfer matter is none of your business. you have to trust your manager and believe he knows what he is doing. If you feel he does not then maybe you should ask to leave. So i am not sure about his comment on transfer though i agree with the rest.  

  7. # Anonymous sggooner

    i just love this guy.
    as for transfers, 'Arsenen Knows'...  

  8. # Anonymous Arsenalblogger

    Of course Henry wants new players. And of course he is also aware of Coles situation and the need of a new midfielder. Because of this, it is not a surprise that he speaks out about this. When Cole leaves (!), we will see new a new player (S).

    And, and the speech about the three stars Gilberto (vice-captain), Toure and Lehmann was nice!


  9. # Anonymous kofi

    Thanks, Thiery f4 everything you,ve done for us & you continue doing.
    when I saw TH14 speaking on TV about Ashley's situation I could see how sad he was and I was also for the him & the team. I hoped this saga had not occured at all or it could be resolved peacefully for Cole to stay as Gallas has changed of heart to stay where he is. What drives me crazy is to help strengthen Chelsea.
    All I'll say is may God Bless you (Thiery) and Good Luck to the team for this new season.  

  10. # Anonymous Platini

    Thanks 4 all Capt Thierry, persuading Ashley to stay and if he does will be very gud. Cole we love ya at Arsenal, Pse stay.  

  11. # Anonymous brandon

    all hail king henry! *bows* this guy IS a legend.the best thing that has happened to the premiership without a shadow of a doubt  

  12. # Anonymous Gelbs

    I think Henry is certainly worried or concerned. Who wouldn't be? When he committed himself to Arsenal he had no idea all these players would leave. Was only Bergkamp that was official and possibly Pires.
    People still believe Arsenal have the best starting 11 in the PL. That is true in parts, but if it was, then why haven't we beaten more of the top clubs like Chelsea in 2 years and even Man United in years in the league? Sure, we may not of been able due to injuries etc to of put out a "complete" starting 11, but nor did teams like Chelsea and United at times. Like the unbeaten season, we failed in 3 attempts to beat United. Including losing to United in the FA Semi-Final. On paper we do look stronger than United and better. Certainly across the midfield. But then we still struggle against Giggs who is a winger in centre mid and O'Shea etc. Can't see Arsenal beating United in 5-6 weeks time neither. Hope I am proved wrong, but it be the same old story and at best a draw. We just fail everytime against those cunts and maybe we aren't better than them after all. Pisses me off. And it just goes to show either way, you can't rely on just your favourite, best starting 11. Squad in depth is vital!  

  13. # Anonymous gazzap

    well against Man u fergie always sends his men out to kick us and bully us, probably more so than any other team we play including Bolton. I agree their football is not as good as ours but we struggle against 'tough' players. Arsene needs to put in a few more of our big boys against Man U, but since we play them at the start of the season neither Lauren or Diaby will be fit. Gilberto and Cesc will struggle again.  

  14. # Anonymous Rich Rangoon

    Word has got round in football that Henry is big head, and if he was choclate he would eat himself. Most of the first team of last season now have either left or want to leave. Wenger is powerless to stop Henry and his constant gloating about how everyone in the media think how fantastic he is. Henry thinks so much of himself now that he has had a mirror screwed to the wall, under his peg in the changing room. Most of the first team of last season dont talk to him, but he seem oblivious to it all. Such is the contemped he holds for the rest of his team mates.... Midtable Beckons  

  15. # Anonymous Jamie

    To beat the best clubs, you can only have a couple of players not at their best, and If you haven't got the cover, you haven't got a chance. We need cover.  

  16. # Anonymous leicester gooner

    I just hope that the Cole/Reyes transfers get sorted in the next few days and,hopefully, if we get a lot of money coming into the club,Wenger will use it immediately to buy in 2/3 players - particularly in the defensive positions - to beef up our squad.I would accept Baptista as part of the deal for Reyes so that we have someone with a bit of muscle in midfield until Dialby is fit again.Cole has to go as soon as possible and I see no point in keeping Reyes if his mind is back in Spain!!  

  17. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    Gelbs, for christs sake say something different!  

  18. # Anonymous Red Square

    Gelbs will be gelbs

    Does everyone like or dislike the new look?

    Is anyone having problems with it?  

  19. # Anonymous Mikey

    Henry's remark about bringing in players was a small part of an otherwise very positive article. How about we stop focusing on what we don't have and start enjoying what we do have. Henry does mention later on that he's VERY excited about the new season and thats based on the players already there, not players he hopes are coming in.

    Optimism, people. Thats what will win us things.

    Its alright to worry a little, but theres too much naysaying going on here. Its up to us for once to not fall for all the negative speculation the media is intent on putting out about us.

    Every season is supposed to be the end for us, yet every season ends with our boys making us happy (for all Chelsea's back to back titles, by the end of last season it seemed like we had accomplished more).

    We are no ManU or Chelsea or even Liverpool, and it has been a while now since we started doing things differently. Its time for Arsenal fans to start appreciating the Arsenal Way and stop wishing we did things like other clubs, cause the simple fact is we don't and are not likely to anytime soon. And I for one absolutely love it.  

  20. # Anonymous DeiseGooner

    Ah Gelbs you have gone back to your notes and repeated you same old comments from a while back. Are we to see the same cycle of negative tripe as before.

    Hey Rich Rangoon how did you manage to get that hidden camera into the dressing room to get those tasty bites of info. Sol's, Bergkamp's and Pires'contributions to the team had seriously dropped last season and wont be missed 1 bit. Cole was hardy around either. Reyes will be missed if he goes however.  

  21. # Anonymous Thanos

    the new look is a little harder to read ( colour clash) but i do like it, i like the site the articles are short and to the point and most of the posters know what they are talking about keep up the good work  

  22. # Anonymous Thanos aka mr serge

    I do agree that we do not have strength in depth but we have just built a new stadium and are still challenging for honours, most teams that build new stadiums strugle at 1st because of the financial constraints and not being able to compete in the transfer market,teams like southampton,derby,manchester city,bolton,sunderland etc have even been relegated but because we have wenger who can find a gem almost where ever he looks it has papered over the cracks, people that ask for us to go and splash out 20-30 million on new signings make me laugh the next couple of years we will have to consolidate our position and then push on, we have not bought anyone because we have no money, when cole and reyes go you will see arsene spend some cash until they go this will not happen  

  23. # Anonymous lc

    Ah Gelbs, you've got a friend in me. Don't worry so much about those who often dislike your comments. I think you said exactly the reason why people like myself and TH14 still believe that AW needs to strenghten the current squad.
    1- If we are to win the premiership, we must be able to beat Manu, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs.
    2- This is now more than three years that Arsenal haven't been able to beat in 90' game Manu. Chelsea joined the saga since Jose Morinho joined Chelsea.
    3- Liverpool is becoming very difficult to beat since Rapha came in. And we really struggled last season against Spurs. They have strenghtened their squad, while Arsenal are losing their key players(Ashley, Pires, Reyes(probably) and Berkamp).
    AW signed only one player, Rosicky who I think is a world class player; but I don't think his signing resolved the main problem the squad's got. We've got many light weight players which is one of the reason why we are struggling to beat highly physical teams in the Premiership.
    I absolutely agree with TH14 to voice high about this, because this plaid much in TH14 signing this summer. Myself as an Arsenal fan, we don't want to see the repeat of what happened last year, losing to Chelsea twice in a month, which is destroying the squad spirit, as well as the fans. And then, the coach under pression, coming up to sign useless players,who will be cup tied, around January. This is not good enough for the club's reputation. We had enough being beaten by Manchester U. so too often under AW coaching and we want see an AW beating MU, instead of throwing Pizza after losing to a rival club. That's not the way forward. This is now to make major plans to avoid throwing pizza later.  

  24. # Anonymous Gelbs

    I guess the more you think about it, it is hard to see where players can be bought and areas to be strengthened because the bigger the squad, then obviously there becomes player unrest. Even though having 4 strikers or midfielders works out because the season is long and you have to cope with injuries and competition. When Sol left I said we needed another centre-back. But as it stands, I would say I am kind of satisfied with Senderos, Djourou and Toure. And maybe that Ghanan bloke could be of some good instead of Cygan if need be. Fuck Ashley Cole. I would happily play Clichy and Flamini there but most of all I'd like to see Hoyte given a run out. If Reyes goes I don't care. We still have Ljungberg (who isn't what he use to be though), Hleb and Rosicky. And even Walcott. Only problem is none of them as of yet are goal-scorers like Pires was. The one big player I would say we need is a centre-midfielder. You need 4 quality ones. Gilberto, Diaby and Fabregas is fine. But not sure about Flamini in midfield. But still need some aggressive battler. That is the key area which needs to be looked at. Up front as well with the exception of Henry; Adebayor and Van Persie will score goals yes. But the question is how many and if Henry is rested or injured. If a top quality striker was bought, it would mean less games for some players yes. But remember United in 1999? They had Yorke, Sheringham, Cole and Solksjaer who played alot of games and scored alot of goals. Plus, just look at how many strikers Real have. Though 6ish is way to much if you only play 2 up front at a time. If we had no injuries this year you of course could say our squad is big enough. But all it takes (like last season) is one or two key players out and it falls apart. Or more. You can't tell what will happen until it does happen. But I have always said we need two players before Campbell left. Striker and a centre-mid. And if Reyes goes, Van Persie could do a job out there on the left wing. Isn't his natural or fave position. But he is a hard worker and would get stuck in and link up well with the forwards. That making space for an extra striker to be bought. Liverpool are also looking for an extra striker it seems. They have Crouch, Bellamy and Fowler. So although 4 strikers seems too many at times, it works out in the long run when you play 60 odd games a season.  

  25. # Blogger Gelbs

    Plus it would be interesting to see what positions Henry feels we need strengthening in. Plus going back to 4 good centre-mids. Remember when we won against Inter Milan away 5-1 3 years ago in midfield we had Edu and Parlour. Good in-depth players who weren't always first choice.  

  26. # Anonymous lc

    I think Henry doesn't speak anymore as only an Arsenal player, but more than that, he speaks as an Arsenal SUPPORTER, since he's committed the rest of his footballing life to the club.
    That's why I am very sympathetic to his comments. He is like us; heart like us when beaten by a harsh rival team. This must reach all the sensible people who manage the club to understand the meaning of what TH14 said.
    Gelbs, I am coming back to you with regard of what ereas we need to strenghten.
    We need a:-
    stricker: Lucas Tony(Fiorentina), Antlers(Ajax), Batista(Real)or Miroslav Close(Germany) for about £12/15M.

    midfield: Alou Diara(Lens),Macherano,Sena, Riquelme(Villarreal)or Mavouba(Bordeaux), for about £4/10M.

    centre defender: Devis, Gallas(unlikely)or Roberto Ayala for about, £3/10M.

    So, in my opinion, we need reallistically three signings, which could spend about £19/35M, depending on the players rating.
    But, I would welcome a signing of one strong and world class defensive midfield at least to pair up with Gilberto reither than being his cover.
    We could play well in the following system in that spell:

    -Eboue(or Lauren), Toure, Djourou(or Sanderos), Flamini(or Hoyte, Traore, Clichy).

    Midfield Line 1:
    -Gilberto, Alou Diara(or Riquelme, Macherano, Mavouba, ect...)

    Midfield Line 2:
    -Fabregas, Hleb(or Rosicky, Diaby, Freddy).

    -TH14,Adebayor(or RVP, Walcott).

    This system could change into 4-3-3, as a variable system when we lunch an attack from one of our wright or left back(Eboue or Hoyte, Clichy, Flamini). But to make it efficient, Gilbeto or his pairing in Line 1 must protect the defender on the attacking flanck until he comes back. Brazil and Barcelona use often the same system. It could work.


  27. # Anonymous mclarens_evolution_not_revolution

    4-2-2-2 seems like a VERY narrow system to me, in AG you will need wide cover  

  28. # Anonymous crappa

    fuck off - Rich Rangoon - ya cunting low life spud/chav - go get a fuckin life! thierry henry is the king and we are proud of him for his loyalty and his quality - the best player ever to have played in the primier league without a doubt! - and we are proud he was-is-and will be a gunner for the rest of his life  

  29. # Anonymous Anonymous

    and remember this - even Van Basten and Cruyff played on our pitch  

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