Hot Prospects II: Nicklas Bendtner (with video)

Continuing on from my last venture into Arsenal's reserve team highlighting the potential of Arturo Lupoli, my attention is switched to that of temporary Birmingham employee, Nicklas Bendtner.

Despite having a surname I still struggle to spell, Nicklas has some talent. Actually that's an understatement, if you haven't already watch the accompanying video with this article and you'll see what I mean.

Having already showed a promising future partnership with Lupoli in the reserves last season Bendter made his first team debut in the league cup in the 3-0 win over Sunderland. Whilst he has yet to score in his few appearances for the first team his record in the reserves is impeccable, netting 27 times last season from 30 starts.

He offers a different option to that of Lupoli in that he has a much larger physical impression, standing at 6'3", this counteracts seemingly the only criticism of Lupoli, in a partnership that gels incredibly fluidly already.

Whilst on loan at Birmingham this season Bendtner has already made his mark. Having scored on his debut and turning up a man of the match performance in his second game.

And the good news is he's due back in January!

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  1. # Anonymous gooner 4 life


  2. # Anonymous cutting edge

    never make it and if he does make it prob sell him to a BIGGER CLUB.

    wenger is a cunt,,,,,,,buy some players 4 fuck sake  

  3. # Anonymous Delly-Belly

    Is it just me or does Bendtner not score with his head once in that video?

    Is this due to the "arsenal" way of playing or is he just bollocks?  

  4. # Anonymous Jordan

    His first goal for Birmingham was a header from a cross by Larsson. He can head the ball.  

  5. # Anonymous dumbass

    never make it and if he does make it prob sell him to a BIGGER CLUB.

    wenger is a cunt,,,,,,,buy some players 4 fuck sake

    for fucks sake, try following stuff at the club .. not just read Sun and put in such wank comments !  

  6. # Anonymous kixzon

    hey cutting edge, the way u said it......I think it's u `which' is the biggest cunt of all.....
    You'll be a MOTHER OF ALL CUNTS if you continue with such unconstructive criticism....!  

  7. # Anonymous goonerhopeful

    Good prospect for the future. Cant wait till he and lupoli hit their primes together. And we still haves V Persie, adebayor and walcott. Wat a career hes gonna hav.  

  8. # Anonymous GKing3

    Havent had a chance to see the young lad so much but he looks tremendously talented and some of the finishing is clearly ala Henry which is a good influence by our Living Legend - TH14 on the young gunnz


  9. # Anonymous Jamie

    It'll be great to have him back at christmas. By then we'll know if the strikers are working out well or not, and we'll be able to throw someone else into the mix for our charge to the title. Ahem.  

  10. # Anonymous Rich Rangoon

    He looks like he would put on 4 stone just looking at a meat pie, Slower than he looks, problably end up playing centre half for some team in the confrence  

  11. # Anonymous gazzap

    we need to start holding onto some of these youngsters. I happen to think all the ones wenger has let go were not good enough for Arsenal. they were prem standard but not Arsenal standard. wengers right to be fussy but I really hope and think that 2 or 3 of these youngsters have got a bright future with us.
    our youth team is so strong, i think all that scouting across europe has paid off for wenger, even if only 10% of them actually make it.  

  12. # Anonymous Pabs

    Yo Jordan,

    Just to update, he didn't score with a header and it wasn't crossed by Larsson either. Larsson played a ball wide to a non Arsenal Brum player who swung the ball across, Nik pulled it down with his right (DB10 stylee) bundled through a challenge and lashed an unstoppable shot past the keeper in to the far corner. Sorry to piss on your chips and all that...funny how rumours spread eh?

    Anyway back to the point, Bendtner is amazing and will go on to be a legend, if he'll do it with us is anyone's guess.

    Anyone heard anything more on the possibility of bagging the Beast as part of the Reyes deal? Seems to have croppoed up again, however Reyes is in the official team photo and Cashley isn't? anyone?  

  13. # Anonymous skeeny

    i think out of all our youngsters (walcot aside) lupoli looks about the only one who's close to making it and maybe that wee left back whose name escapes me at the moment.  

  14. # Anonymous Pabs


  15. # Anonymous skeeny

    pabs i heard that one about baptista on hopefully its true i think he'll be class at arsenal  

  16. # Anonymous Pabs

    Same here, the guy is sooooo strong. Would leave Terry, Rio et all quaking in their boots. I also heard it on clubcall - what search engine do you use? I use

    I really hope it's true, as much as he f**ked us about last summer you can understand his reasons for wanting EU citizenship. I also love Reyes and would be gutted to see him go, however if we get someone back with the quality and real strength to help our lightweight team I'd feel better.

    C'mon Wenger please, I don't care about big names or price tags, just need more quality and experience. We're light the first 13/14 players aside.  

  17. # Anonymous skeeny

    i use the same one its handy enough. i think if we get baptista and we lose cole then he should go for lahm but the chance's of any of that happening are extremly slim me thinks!  

  18. # Anonymous Pabs

    He's a good player, however I'm quite happy with our left back position. We've got Clichy, Hoyte, Flamini and Traore and I would love to see them all develop. I think we need a good CB for cover - still thinks it's worth going for Curtis Davis and another MF baptista would be great. Other than that I'm reasonably happy.  

  19. # Anonymous Jamie

    If we could get Baptista and cash for Reyes, I'd be delighted. It would help save the environment too, no more huge heating needs for the silly spaniard.  

  20. # Anonymous Pabs

    nice one, I do feel that everyone should get off Jose's back, he's always given everything and he's home sick you cant blame him. He struggles with Spanish let alone English and as much as we expect from him we must remeber that he's only 22 and his whole family are Madrid mad. If I was playing in Spain and Arsenal came in for me, I know where I'd be going and my family would be much the same as his. Think my dad would disown me if I passed on the chance to play for a team my family has supported for over 50 years !  

  21. # Anonymous skeeny

    i think what people are getting at is the way reyes has been trying to get his move - the posing in the real shirt, the pic of him with the real web site and the things he says he didn't say etc etc. if you want to move fine but do it in a dignified way not the way he has... but if i had a choice between him or that money grabbing little bastard that goes by the name of cashly cole then i'd pick reyes any day of the week.  

  22. # Anonymous Pabs

    Agreed, although I do think the picture of him and the real site was a load of horseshit man, anyone can cut and paste anything they want on to that screen.  

  23. # Anonymous Deise Gooner

    As Tommy Cooper would say....just like that !  

  24. # Anonymous cuttine edge

    listen fella

    after we won the double we sold OVERMARS AND PETIT year after we won nothing.

    last year we sold the best centre mifielder in the world our captain PATRICK VIEIRA,then we won nothing.

    this year we look like we gonna sell the best left back in the world to our arch rivals and make them stronger and also gonna sell reyes who will be a better player at the emiriates stadium(bigger pitch).and campbell pires bergkamp have all left and we have brang in one player little mozart who is a great player.but do u think were gonna challenge and win something after we let these players go!



  25. # Anonymous Pabs

    That's amazing, thanks for that - hope everyone knows what I'm saying now. Perhaps you could do a new post with "Reyes loves Arsenal, thinks that he, Henry and Hleb are the new musketeers". Until I see the player in the shirt (with the manager at the club) :0) I wont believe anything the papers say - doesnt stop me checking the newsfeeds with even the most tenuous link to a player and doing a sex wee.  

  26. # Anonymous Pabs

    This team that lost Vieira, were 20 mins away from being European Champions for gods sake !



    Let's do something really novel and just give the players that are here and more importantly want to be here all the support they deserve and agree that big names don't mean shit. Real Madrid ? Enough said.  

  27. # Anonymous CUTTING EDGE





    DIDNT THINK SO!!!!  

  28. # Anonymous Pabs

    I know man, "I also love Reyes and would be gutted to see him go, however if we get someone back with the quality and real strength to help our lightweight team I'd feel better.

    C'mon Wenger please, I don't care about big names or price tags, just need more quality and experience. We're light the first 13/14 players aside." my comments from this morning.

    I would love to see some new faces just to get some positive fresh energy in that big new stadium of ours, but if we don't buy anyone it's not the end of the world.

    Wasn't getting at you man, just trying to send some positive vibes out to our suppoters - I know the players and staff don't read individual blogs but they know what we think.

    As for the Champs League, through the endless grown man tears I was the proudest man alive, plus you have to consider this: Would you have taken the cup and lost Henry? Or been valient, the nearly team that was something I've always loved about us and kept the best player in the world.

    For me we came home with the best prize in Europe along with a great amount of dignity, belief, pride and worldwide respect.

    Do I think we're good enough, I don't know if anyone is. What I believe is that we can beat any team put in front of us and that Wenger knows the strengths and weaknesses of the boys better than anyone and I certainly believe in him.  

  29. # Anonymous gazzap

    this team is one centre back and one defensive midfielder away from being the top prem team. who knows with Lauren coming back from injury in 6 weeks and Diaby back in Nov, we may even be OK for midfield as long as we can get through the first part of the season. then who knows Illiasu may sign and be the new Toure. the situations with cole and reyes make little difference. we have back up at left back and left midfield. even if reyes stayed, Rosicky would be first choice when fit.  

  30. # Anonymous Pabs

    Yeah I'm with ya Gazzap.

    Although I'm not sure about who would be first choice - I think Rosicky was a great signing as he can play in Reyes, Fabregods and Hlebs positions.

    I'm happy with the team but would like more players - one midfield and one defence  

  31. # Anonymous Pabs

    Oh and I would prefer them to be English just to get rid of this bullshit tag we've picked up.

    Perhaps Hargreaves and Davis ? Before you all attack me over Hargreaves think about the experience he brings coupled with the desire to prove himself in the prem and we could have a real player on our hands.

    Hargreaves was last week voted Englands best player at the world cup, I know it was a toss up between him and Theo but he deserved it :0)  

  32. # Anonymous gazzap

    I'd take Hargreaves. he is a real tryer and not a moaner. to me his attitude seems right and he is not up his own arse. added bonus is he is English.

    as for Davies, I just dont know how much better he is than Djourou to be totally honest. he is good but we have good centre backs. either go for a cheap player who may be excellent one day (illiasu) or go for a top top quality proven centre back and pay the money (Gallas), not someone who is in between the two.

    wenger did say he would definitly buy at least one more player though, but it seems he is waiting for a player to be sold though I dont know whether that's Cole or Reyes. I'd say its Cole probably.  

  33. # Anonymous Pabs

    Thing is I agree, I think Djourou is brilliant, strong and mature - but thats still only Toure, Senderos and him (I refuse to include Cygan as much as my dad goes on about how good he is) the Illiasu deal is already causing problems and both he and Kolo will be off every X-mas for the ANC. I think we should start a bring Hargreaves to Arsenal campaign, he may have to settle with the bench for a while or bit part season whilst he integrates but Gilberto's getting on and he could drop straight in. But then what about Diaby? I really don't envy football managers! In fact fuck it, I'm packing football in alltogether what day is MLB on c5?  

  34. # Anonymous RS


  35. # Anonymous Red_Rafa

    As a Dane I´m quite exited about the lad. He is strong, he is fast, he has a great touch and dispite looking unconventional he is also good at dribbling. But most important.. He is a pretty clinical striker. He had a decent U-21 EC for us, and he will get his first senior cap against Poland tonight according to our coach.

    Together with Daniel Agger from Liverpool(he was paired with Carra vs. Chelsea) and Kahlenberg from Auxerre, they are our greatest prospects.

    Cheers and Good Luck this season Gunners!

    Liverpool 4 the Prem!!

    Red Rafa  

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