Site News: Updates, Colour schemes and Dot Coms.

Apologies for the lack of updates to the site on my half at least but I've been working on securing a brand new domain for the site which will open soon. Expect a fresher, brighter design as I've been hearing some complaints about how difficult it is to read the blog.

The new site will be an expansion on this current one allowing more content then just news and opinion, and so I may be on the look out for more help...possibly.

Anyways that is all you may go about your daily business now.

7 Responses to “Site News: Updates, Colour schemes and Dot Coms.”

  1. # Anonymous Steve

    I actually like your red, white and gold style for the blog. Don't do anything too radical.  

  2. # Anonymous gazzap

    red and white would be nice...with a bit of gold...  

  3. # Anonymous jamie

    The gold needs to be peered at slightly, but generally, I think things aren't bad at all. If you need any help, I'm sure we'll all do whatever we can to keep this as good as it is. So long as you promise not to go down the Engadget route of saying deets instead of details. That and text speak are the abominations of our age.  

  4. # Anonymous Larry Grayson

    Shut that door.  

  5. # Anonymous Les Dawson

    Do you miss me?  

  6. # Anonymous Buppie

    I love your blog. Please give us regular readings!!! Don't stop.

    I am ready to what I can to make this site even better.  

  7. # Anonymous iyke

    i love this page when it is red and white.  

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