Walcott left out?

While the big hoo-hah concerning Ashley Cole's exclusion from the Villa game (which is fair enough considering a possible backlash from the fans) goes on, I am more worried about the fact that Theo Walcott has not been included in the provisional squad.

What is the reasoning behind that decision given the fact that Rosicky and Reyes are both out and Ljungberg is being rushed back to be included? Considering his goal for the England's U-21 in mid-week, you would have thought that he would at least warranted a place on the bench.

It also surprises me that the trio of Aliadiere, Song and Traore is included ahead of him. Surely Walcott stood a better chance than Aliadiere- who scored 2 goals in 14 games at Wolverhampton last season. 16 year old Traore is also included but Flamini and Hoyte are most definitely covering at left back.

That's a strange one, any comments?

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  1. # Anonymous DeiseGooner

    Aliaidere is on his last chance to impress i feel. If he doent have an impact this time i reckon he will be sold on. Thats probobly why he has been included ahead of Theo who has plenty of time. Theo will have to build up to the fitness standards needed for the premiership. As for Song and Traore well they played in all the pre season games didnt they , so perhaps they are fitter that Theo ?  

  2. # Anonymous Keith S

    I imagine Theo will play against Zagreb...  

  3. # Anonymous enki

    walcott is seventeen years old and has barely played this season due to injuries. why should he be in the squad. oh because he is english. i am sick and tired of that attitude from the press so i would not expect it on an arsenal blog. come on a player should only play if he is deserving no matter what the hype. he is not ready yet.  

  4. # Anonymous potter

    The ice pack on his thigh when he came off on tuesday might have something to do with it.  

  5. # Anonymous Chris H

    Theo should at least be in the squad and if things are going the way we want get him on for the last 30 mins and lets see what he can do on that huge pitch.  

  6. # Anonymous Gelbs

    This is one thing that completely pisses me off. Ali-had-diarhoea, Song and Traore all French and African chosen over a player who is better and even more experienced in parts and played more games (Southampton). Fuck Ali-had-diarhoea. I knew this would all happen. There is a French cliche. This guy hasn't played properly for 8 months since he joined way back in January. Wenger using the shit excuse on how it was too risky for a player who was young and inexperienced when the team was struggling to finish 4th last season. Yet he was playing a 17/18 year old in Song in the most important position of midfield. This just makes me so fucking pissed. Theo will hardly feature at all. And what a waste of money or pointless in signing someone they could of got for free if they had just waited. Reyes doesn't want to play for Arsenal, so fuck him as well. Fuck Cole as well. What a joke. Walcott is being made to look a right cunt. Build him up and don't even play him.  

  7. # Anonymous otariq

    Theo must be injured from country duty  

  8. # Anonymous DeiseGooner

    Chill your beans Gelbs will ya. Theo will get his chance. Wenger said in interview regarding the game that he had to try and find balance between those that played midweek and those that didnt. Were you on the training ground all week to see if Theo was training ot not. And its peolpe like you and the dopey english press that has built Theo up to be a world beater. Hes 17 and Wenger is looking after him.  

  9. # Anonymous enki

    gelbs for fuck sake he is seventeen and does not deserved a ghetto pass just because he is english. plus he may be injured. why are even an arsenal supporters you jackass  

  10. # Anonymous mat b

    shutup gelbs; firstly theo has played almost an entire game on wednsday, and for a guy who hasnt played a full game in several months he might need time to recover; even if you don't agree with that the knee injury he got which needed an ice-pack is reason enough for his omission. In regards to last season, had theo been fit for the sunderland game he probably would have started or featured in that; song played because we had three cmidfielders at times (when flamini played lb) and they needed rotation, wheras we had reyes, hleb, ljungberg,pires on the wings; and even greater choice up front with bentdner and lupoli both ahead of walcott in the queue if henry, rvp and adebayor were unavailable. Its a simple numbers game, wenger will play walcott, as suggested against zagreb perhaps  

  11. # Anonymous Gelbs

    Seems stupid to rush back Ljungberg who isn't even fully fit just because Rosicky is injured. Maybe Walcott is injured too. But wouldn't make any difference if he was. Feel sorry for the lad. Especially after the WC fiasco.  

  12. # Anonymous Drew

    Gelbs leave aliadiere alone, if he's given a chance surrounded by good players he will score, he is a good player. He should have scored against Zagreb but instead of passing to him with an open goal Flamini shot straight at the keeper, I can see him scoring probably about 7 or 8 goals this season and he won't be playing in alot of the matches.

    I agree with the main basis of this article as i can't believe he has been left out of the squad however i'm sure that when walcott came off for the under 21's the other day he had an ice pack on his knee so he might have a slight injury.  

  13. # Anonymous Gelbs

    If Henry had played Monday and Wednesday for an example a full 90 minutes, do you think he would be rested for Saturday's game? I doubt it. Ali-had-diarhoea is one of these French players who is a complete waste of money and space. Just like Cygan. Never make it. Bout time Arsenal cut their losses. Ship out the shit. That goes for Cole and Reyes as well.  

  14. # Anonymous enki

    do any of u seriously think that wenger paid five mil to southampton not to play walcott. give the gaffer some credit. his record with young talent is peerless so u have to beleive that he is building the boy up. why should he debut now and not be ready and for then everybody to rush out and say he is a waste of money. can u imagine what that would do to his confidence.  

  15. # Anonymous 5am

    If Wenger were gonna play Walcott against Zagreb, he'd have put him on the bench - save any injuries....Gelbs has a point about why we didn't wait and get him for free and save a cool 12m don' tyou think?  

  16. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    Here we go again, Gelbs back on form. I completely agree with enki on this one. Cesc, Senderos, Eboue, van Persie, Clichy all waited for their debuts, just because he's English and he's been hyped up, doesn't mean he'll be treated differently. It's attitudes like this that puts undue pressure on him. The lad's barely had a pre season and looked to be nursing a thigh strain, so why risk him? AW is looking after him and his time will come. Gelbs, fucking grow up, he's 17, this isn't exactly the death knell of his career! I bet you've never even seen Walcott play you tosser.  

  17. # Anonymous Gelbs

    Wenger is always quick to give young foreign kids a run out, yet when they're English and Walcott, they are all of a sudden "too young" to play?  

  18. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    Cesc waited one year, Senderos waited 1 year, van Persie waited six months, Toure waited six months, Eboue waited six months. So you're in fact completely incorrect as usual. Why would he pay that money for Walcott if he didn't have plans for him? I'd rate Wenger's judgement with young players over yours any day. Oh and 5am, yeah great idea, cos Southampton were really gonna wait for his contract to run out and let us have him for free. People like you putting pressure on the kid doesn't help. I bet when he comes off the bench for ten minutes next month you'll be on here complaining about how shit he is. Have you seen him play yet? No, so shut up.  

  19. # Anonymous Gelbs

    "I bet you've never even seen Walcott play you tosser".

    Even more reason to play someone and show why you were risking to fork out 12 million quid on the world's most expensive teenager. And I doubt many people have seen him play. Been here 8 months and played barely 3 reserve games for us. Funny how Fabregas was only 16 when he made his debut. And why bother risking Ljungberg when he's not fully fit and over the hill anyway? What's Ljungberg gonna do? He can't score for shit nor beat players.  

  20. # Anonymous Gelbs

    Think you'll find Van Persie waited alot less than six months. He played in the League Cup against Man City and scored. So that's like 3 months if he didn't make an appearance already prior. So I'm still wrong am I? And reason Senderos had to wait so long was because he was injured the whole season or so when he first came here.  

  21. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    Right so we should play Walcott just so sir Gelbs can pass judgement on his career. Well done, excellent. Screw the kids career and what's good for him, balls to his personality and what Wenger thinks will benefit him, cos we have to gratify Gelbs. He's 17 you prick, he will show us in time. I'd rather see the kid play a blinder when he's ready than have his development put back because AW rushes him to gratify xenophobes like you.  

  22. # Anonymous Gelbs

    See Wenger just come out and building him up saying how he can be a revelation this season. Doesn't want to burn him out? Mmmm. Didn't say that when Fabregas played 50-60 games the past two seasons. Guy contradicts himself majorly.  

  23. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    van Persie's first Prem start came on December 19th 2004 v Pompey away. Senderos made his first Prem start on January 4th 2005 against Man City. Kolo Toure was signed in Feb 2002 and made his debut in the 2002 Charity Shield. Eboue was signed in January 2005 and made his first Prem start a year later. Cesc was signed in August 2003 and made his debut on 15th August 2004. So I think you'll find that you're wrong on all counts. Walcott hasn't been here for any Carling Cup games yet, but bet your life he starts in the third round before making a Prem start. As all of the aforementioned did. You tosser.  

  24. # Anonymous cxc

    GELBS you are again. First of all, Walcott is a good player but needs time to adapt to the premiership. He is playing in a specialist role and if he had not being injured last season he would have played no matter what Wenger said. Everybody wants to see him play no doubt but there are a lot of players ahead of him.

    Theo will have his chance but Traore has impressed me more of all the youngsters and if you are good enough you will play. The talk about French players and so on is rubbish. Asley is English and you all call him Casley now so what exactly is your problem. English players are too expensive you say sometimes.

    All this said Theo has the potential to succeed Henry but he needs game just like Cesc did in the reserve for a year and then step up. Theo will not play too many games in the reserve this year like Cesc did, but will definately get runs in the FA Cup and Carling Cup. With all due respect Theo is a good player but in terms of experience he is behing alot of players including Henry, Van Persie, Nicholas, Adebayor, Reyes and even Aliadiere.

    One thing we should get in perspective is that psychological he has being down not playing a second in the world cup. He needs time and also he played U21 international. Even Van Persie who is everybody's favorite to partner Henry had to play in the reserve more than once after a long time not playing, Theo no better even if he is more expensive, so why should he be treated differently. He needs games and with time get intregrated into the team, odd ten minutes in the premiership and if he does well then he would be in the first maybe next year. He is the future of Arsenal.

    Theo is young and has a lot of time and he should drop all those play boy nonsense he is doing with his girlfriend. This hasn't happened to Thierry Henry, Walcott has to continue to work hard like he has and take every opportunity given to him. First team is not automatic.

    Theo will be fine, let Arsene work his magic like he did on Cesc let's hope he can follow his foot step. But from the way he runs and clips, I can't blame anyone iching to see him...  

  25. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    Diffrent strokes for different folks. Cesc was ready for that kind of involvement (after his first season of anoninimity), do you know Walcott, are you aware of his fitness levels? When he's ready he'll step up and AW will make sure he doesn't play him before he's ready. He's 17, there's hardly a rush.  

  26. # Anonymous Irishgoon

    Gelbs ...
    'Even more reason to play someone and show why you were risking to fork out 12 million quid on the world's most expensive teenager.'

    where did u get that gem???  

  27. # Anonymous Gelbs

    I'm wrong on all accounts? That was the league debut. Van Persie still made his debut alot earlier even though it was in the League Cup. I doubt Walcott will even be played in the League Cup when it happens. And reason Senderos and co. took so long was because we had a better team then and players like Campbell and Pires etc in their peak cunt.  

  28. # Anonymous Gooner Paul

    i read somewhere that walcott has been included in the squad tomorrow and even if he aint im sure he'll play sum part against zagreb, and apparently we're on the verge of signing simao. any1 knw if these stories r correct?  

  29. # Anonymous Arsenalfan

    Gelb is in some respects right. The only way for Theo to get better and experience is giving as many matches as he can. He plays as a striker...not too difficult if your a young exciting talent. Central Midfield is the hardest posistion and Fabregas excelled at it. He only got in there because of our injury problems or else we might be seeing a crappy Flamini play right now and Cesc in the reserves still.

    Walcott should be on the bench nearly every game. For people's clarification, it's 12 millions that we have promised to Southampon (in contract too). We do people go on about he only cost 5 million....FFS, it's an eventual 12 million pounds.
    We know he's 17, but he's meant to be an exciting talent and just wanna see him for atleast 10 minutes in the Premiership.

    It's stupid to play Cesc or any players our of posistion just because of the pecking order. I hope Walcott gets some playing time quickly and starts vs. Zagreb.  

  30. # Anonymous Gelbs

    Plus I see Wenger is saying how Cole can still have a future at Arsenal. Usual mister nice guy. Cole will start to suck up just because his move to Chelsea will fall through no doubt. Sure he isn't in the squad for tomorrow, but probably will soon. Wenger should grow some balls just like Ferguson has and that means when a player fucks up and is a cunt, they're booted out regardless on how great they are.  

  31. # Anonymous cxc


  32. # Anonymous Dave S

    Gelbs your argument about van persie playing carling cup in his first 6 months is crap when walcott arrived we weren't in it anymore. And its wengers tried and tested way of warming kids up for the premiership, expect the likes of Walcott Traore and maybe the odd other like stokes or randall to get games in the carling cup. Then those who excell will be given chances in the first team, you can't play someone in the premiership because of there price tag you play them because they deserve to be played and r one of your best players! So when we play the carling cup and he doesn't play i will apologise and say sir gelbs is a genius but until then your picking faults with others arguments where faults don't exist. You shud maybe look for some councilling!  

  33. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    No, it was because AW knows there is no use in rushing a young player. How do you know Walcott won't play in the League Cup. I bet you any money you like he does. Campbell was injured for a good while before Senderos made his league debut, but AW elected to take his time. The players I've mentioned a hundred times played in the Carling Cup first to acclimatise, Walcott hasn't had this chance. Neither of us know his fitness levels, Wenger knows that, so I'kll settle for his judgement above your childish whims. Fabregas was protected for a year before he was played and I expect to see the same for Walcott. Expect to see him heavily involved with the first team squad around Xmas. As for now, he's not had a pre season after World Cup (a good enough reason for AW to leave Henry out of the Zagreb game) and he's nursing a thigh strain. No conditions for him to play.  

  34. # Anonymous dude

    can someone sensor this glebs dude. i feel you want to start a debate but dont have a clue how  

  35. # Anonymous Drew

    Apparently we r really close to getting Simao but WHY!? We have enough wingers I really think that we should get a defensive midfielder..............to me Hargreaves would be ideal.  

  36. # Anonymous Gelbs

    Don't moan at me. I wasn't the one who started the topic.  

  37. # Anonymous gulu

    do we really need simao  

  38. # Anonymous Highbury Spy

    I think Gelbs has got a point. Walcott has been at Arsenal seven months and has made the bench once. I would've thought it was worth putting Walcott on the bench tomorrow just to show him he's going to feature in the first team squad this season. The message Wenger is sending out to the kid is "you're not good enough" and if it sinks in, Walcott will think that as well, doubt his talent and then lose all confidence. I really think there are insidious reasons we don't know about as to why Walcott is not even being picked for first team squads and with our paper thin squad he must be wondering what the fuck he's done wrong. I want Reyes and Cole out of the door as quick as possible so Wenger can spend the £26 million they would bring in on Ribery and a central midfield ball winner. If no signings are made before the deadline we are looking at fourth place (at the absolute best) this season. We will not be in a position to compete with the Mancs, Liverpool and Chelski.  

  39. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Yeah cos Ferguson's policy of freezing out players has been really successful. van Nistelrooy, Stam, Yorke, Beckham, Keane. Look at the players flooding to come and play for him at United now. Arsenalfan you should read my points again, Cesc and Theo are DIFFERENT PEOPLE. What is good for one might not be good for the other. Besides Cesc waited a year before he was anywhere near the first team. He's 17, there is no need to panic about his career. AW will do what's best for him, he sees him and speaks to him everyday, we don't.  

  40. # Anonymous Anonymous

    But highbury spy, if Walcott hasn't had a pre season how can we play him? If Henry was left out for this reason v Zagreb, I don't see how it can be different for Walcott. Again, we only see what's on the outside, AW speaks to him everyday and will know what's best for him. Given that AW was responsible for Weah, Henry, Fabregas, Vieira, Thuram etc during their development, I think I'm gonna trust him on this one.  

  41. # Anonymous Dave S

    Oh 1 final piece of intrest for you all is an article on the bbc website where wenger says walcott could be a revelation this season stating the boy has the ability now just needs to fully adapt, so wenger thinks hes good enough just the timing of his debut needs to be carefully planned. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/a/arsenal/5264868.stm

    Strangely enough in the article wenger never mentions gelbs which suggest to me he cares as much about his opinion as the rest of us do!  

  42. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    Btw, those last two posts were mine  

  43. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    ffs, the last two named anonymous. Right on Dave S, but did it mention how Gelbs played a pivotal role in the development of van Persie, Senderos, Clichy, Cole, Vieira, Weah, Henry, Thuram, Toure and Eboue?  

  44. # Anonymous Gelbs

    Funny how Rooney made a name for us at only 16 when the cunt scored against us and was then a regular after a while. Still featured either way. Then you got a young Aaron Lennon playing a fair few amounts of time, then you have Walcott who doesn't even make small cameo appearances.
    Btw, if 2 of our 3 strikers get injured, with players like Bendtner out on loan, who's gonna play up front and score goals? Maybe Walcott? I don't think that will work. Walcott should start off as a winger.  

  45. # Anonymous Dave S

    Little dutch i don't believe you did how could u forget the hours that gelbs put in when the likes of thuram and henry were little ones. without him france may well not of won the 1998 world cup. There's even a rumour that gelbs is Ribery's father! but franck denies all knowledge!  

  46. # Anonymous Joe_@**

    lupoli has been with us much longer. he is a very prolific goal scorer & now already 19. by right he should be ahead of walcott but he was still being loaned out. instead wenger chose to keep walcott when host of clubs came knocking to sign him on loan. what does this tell you? why is there no one whining for lupoli? it's not an issue of race & nationality here. please be sensible! ljungberg is in the team because we need experience from to anchor the team. i wonder if it would be the same should we have henry instead of ljungberg being rushed back to start ahead of walcott.  

  47. # Anonymous Gelbs

    For Everton against us*  

  48. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    Just saw this quote from AW on sky sports, "It is not true that Rosicky is unavailable tomorrow. He is perfectly fit. It is just that I have not had time to call Gelbs yet and ask if it is o.k that I include him. I spent big money on him after all, so I must consult with sir Gelbs first. All hail sir Gelbs and his divine touch." He then apparently started to repeat the mantra ch'ai kuroo dai om whilst hyperventilating, in accordance with "the Gelbs prayer."  

  49. # Anonymous Gelbs

    Although Wenger has done wonders with players and made them from average to world-class, it still is down to the quality of player you are by natural talent. Could Wenger make a superstar out of someone who is in a wheelchair or disabled?  

  50. # Anonymous raconteur8

    gelbs love reading himself..  

  51. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    Actually Gelbs, Rooney spent most of the 2003/04 campaign on the bench. Aaron Lennon made his debut for Leeds in Nov 2003 (I know, I was there), what did you hear of him before last season? Rooney and Lennon spent time in reserve/league cup matches before getting involved with the first team.  

  52. # Anonymous Dave S

    so from xenophobia well are now targeting the disabled, Gelbs by any chance do u have blond hair blue eyes and a hitler poster on your bedroom wall! tut tut  

  53. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    Yes Gelbs, but talent alone isn't enough, it needs to be nurtured. Nurturing takes time and temperance. That is what is happening now.  

  54. # Anonymous Gelbs

    No. I have a poster of your mum above my bed which I kiss and then jack off too before I sleep.

    Either way, Rooney and Lennon still playing more games than Walcott. And a question for you? What would you do if Arsenal lost tomorrow and Ali-had-diarhoea came on and missed 3 open goals?
    And despite Wenger's magic of turning kids into world-class players. Unfortunately his judgement isn't that brilliant when you consider he has been at Arsenal 10 years and never won back-to-back titles? Maybe he isn't the genius you all like to think he is. As someone else pointed out abit back. 4 trophies came under 2 doubles. 2 one off wonder seasons. We had the nothing years of 1997,1999, 2000, 2001, and of course 2006. And the only manager to lose all 3 European honours under different clubs. Well?  

  55. # Anonymous FOOL 2000

    STOP PRESS**Wenger on Radio 5 "Walcott is in the squad for the game tomorrow"**STOP PRESS  

  56. # Anonymous Dave S

    Now i no your sick if u jack off over pics of my mum never involve family in group bitchin say what you want about me but not family, if you can't think of an amusing response just shut the fuck up! face go an support spurs you miserable sick twisted fuck head  

  57. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    Again you're wrong Rooney and Lennon did exactly what Walcott is doing now. So now you're saying your arguments are based on the twin assumptions that we're going to lose to Villa and Aliadiere is going to miss three open goals. We've been here before, your criticisms are based on future projections that have not come to fruition. I've argued against all those last points you made a million times before, and I really can't be arsed. The fact that you judge Wenger to be bad set against those standards which you demand, well I think that speaks very highly of the man, that you moan that he hasn't achieved absolutely everything. What he's achieved on his budget is a miracle. Let me tell you mate, I teach English at an inner city comprehensive and it's hard work, but none of my students are as hard work as you are.  

  58. # Anonymous Gelbs

    Do you call your English students tossers when you have fallings out with them or disagree with them?
    And you say "We've been here before, your criticisms are based on future projections that have not come to fruition."
    Doesn't that make you a hypocrite when you say how Arsenal will be the best in a few years time when the youngsters have become greater when it may not even materialize? Works both ways.

    As for the other moron. You started the insults and asking whether or not I had a pic of Hitler. I never insulted anyone or swore at anyone to begin with. Was just making my point. I'll give as good as I get.  

  59. # Anonymous Dave S

    a moron is somebody, who is mildly mentally retarded with a mental age of a 7-12 year old where as i have an IQ of over 135 so i could be in mensa if i wanted to be! so yeah i'm obviously moron! where as i fear u were 2 busy training up all of wengers successful youth players that you didn't have chnce to get educated. you always right with a negative view, and i'm concerned that you may wake up one day and want to hurt yourself get help!!!! or if u r insistant on carrying what would arsenal haev to do to make you happy with the exception of walcott playing every game and scoring 300 goals, really where is your bone of discontent! Hang this isn't really Cashley Cole under a different name trying to distabalize things further by upsetting people on blog sites cos if it is your pathetic!  

  60. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    No I don't, because I respect that that would effect their development as human beings (see my strand here?) Saying that I believe this team will be special is entirely different to saying Aliadiere will miss three open goals tomorrow. It's isolating a freak situation and calling it gospel. I'd say there is tangible proof that this team has a great deal of potential given that there performances got better and better. Just like favouring a player because he's English over an Italian and having a dig at the disabled is tangible proof that you may have nazi sympathies, dave s was well within his rights to make that accusation. Cracking out mum jokes is in really poor taste. A message board is an altogether more informal place and so the word 'tosser' (which you richly deserve) is not inapproriate, whereas it would be in a classroom. I also call referees and opposing players all the names under the sun, cos that is the time and place for it.  

  61. # Anonymous Gelbs

    I am touched by your concern. Makes me feel tingly all over.  

  62. # Anonymous Joe_@**

    hey guys stop it wiil you? we respect the freedom of speeches. that's what bloggin is all about but dont stretch the limit alright? that's the last thing we want before the start of the season, discontentment & disunity. save your bitching energy to cheer on team tomorrow  

  63. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    It seems that you only come on these message boards to wind people up. You make the same points EVERY day, no matter how many times they are deconstructed. Every day you seem to get in a personal exchange of jibes with someone. I've had a clinical depression (aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh) and I think you're negative. Did you happen to know Kurt Cobain at all? It's just he wrote a song called negative creep, and it could've been written about you.  

  64. # Anonymous Gelbs

    I'm not talking about the Aliadiere mention but in general. Before, weeks back you were moaning at me because I was saying how Arsenal aren't good enough etc and you were saying shit like "This team will be great and the best in a few years time." Stuff on those lines. Whereas I was going on the evidence of a poor domestic season which was being realistic. Despite a great CL run. To sit there and be all certain of a fantastic winning future is a pure future projection.
    And kind of off topic. Like I said yesterday. We lose against United in a months time regardless of players missing (Wenger's fault for not strengthening), then this team is shit. That game could make or break our season and if we can't beat in parts an average United team regardless of it being played on their own turf, then what does that make us? Losers.  

  65. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I totally agree with Joe, Gelbs I agree with nothing you say but that's fine, I am prepared to debate as you are, debate is healthy (besides, I've got nothing better to do anyway, aaaaaaahhhhh). But can the xenophobia and the mum jokes for attention.  

  66. # Anonymous Gelbs

    You allow yourself to be wind up. And I am never the first to swear or insult someone unless they do the same to me.  

  67. # Anonymous Gelbs

    Wound up* soz I don't have a degree in English.  

  68. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I was going on the evidence of the performances in the second half of the season. By our standards we were poor last year, but we were eighth at xmas, so there was a marked improvement in finishing 4th at all. I'd say predicting our team will get better is a general prediction and is altogether more plausible than Aliadiere missing 3 open goals. That's a really poor excuse to come on a message board and slate AW for not playing a 17 year old lad who is not fit. Little Dutch.  

  69. # Anonymous Gelbs

    Yes we hit form. But what happened when we came up against a top club in United? We failed. We lost 2 nil. So when we are on form we can beat the shit and average teams, but soon as we play the likes of United we lose? All bollocks. Or you gonna use the excuse that we were tired after playing in midweek in Europe? Sure that played a part. Or maybe we aren't as brilliant as we like to make out.  

  70. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    Saying people allow themselves to get wound up is another poor excuse for doing it. That's like glassing someone in the face then accusing them of GBH when they hit you back. Back to the topic, the fact is Walcott will get his chance, and AW is the best person to oversee his development. Walcott has had no pre season, the conditions are not correct to pick him.  

  71. # Anonymous Dave S

    Right to distract all from the negativity that is occuring, caused by gelbs initially fishing for an argument (leave the bait and c who bites technique) i have an idea why don't we all guess the score for tomorrow! I reckon 4-1 arsenal with ade and rvp scoring atleast one each! anyone else got predictions?

    also thanks little dutch for defending my views on mum jokes very distateful!  

  72. # Anonymous Gelbs

    And again you twist what I say. I never predicted or said Aliadiere would miss 3 open goals. I was asking the question hypothetically. All of you would moan and say something like "Why wasn't Walcott played ahead of him." Or maybe your too nice and say "Oh well, we lost our first game of the season. Better luck next time lads."  

  73. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    Right first time, Europe played a big part in that. Until the last twenty mins that game was very even. But with two teams so evenly matched, an advantage like that makes all the difference.  

  74. # Anonymous Gelbs

    And what is the excuse when we never even beat them in the unbeaten season on 3 attempts? Maybe because the FA Semi-Final Wenger fucked up in resting Henry for Aliadiere? Poor management in the league game a week before when winning one nil we sat back and put on Cygan which resulted in their leveller? We haven't beaten United in the league since 2001/02 one of which was thanks to Barthez. So you gonna tell me since then we have been unlucky and fatigued? Give me a break. Even when Rooney dived in that game we never looked like winning it and we had a full team out and United didn't.  

  75. # Anonymous Little Dutch

    Well no I wouldn't, because Walcott has had no pre season so is not fit, so I wouldn't make that claim at all. That would be like saying, "why didn't Lauren play." Or "why didn't Fran Merida play?" I think we'll win two nil tomorrow, Henry (can't see anyone else scoring the first competitive goal at Emirates) and van Persie late on. Villa will defend doggedly and it will require patience.  

  76. # Anonymous Joe_@**

    gelbs i agree with you for once. that's why everyone has been pining for another 2 signings, a dc & a dm. that was what we have been debating for err.. eternity. we are not good enough against likes of man u fair enough but playing walcott tomorrow wouldnt change the fact because our main concern with the team now is in the defence not attack  

  77. # Anonymous Gelbs

    I think 2 nil and a game made hard work of. I think Ian Wright and Merson will score.  

  78. # Anonymous Dave S

    Right my time here is up, thanks to little dutch and gelbs for filling my afternoon with entertainment i will no doubt speak with u both again after aliaridiere bangs a couple in tomorrow and gelbs is eating his words. But till then i'm off to get drunk inthe pub!

    for those who didn't no the arsenal game is on setanta sports at 3 if your not going to the game that is, the channel cna be obtained via either sky cable or freeview mind it is a subscription channel!


  79. # Anonymous Tony

    this gelbs guy is a stupid wind up.  

  80. # Anonymous the flash

    clearlyyou,ve got a problem with genius wenger being french,get over it and start supporting the man and our team  

  81. # Anonymous gazzap

    walcott is physically a very different player to Rooney so you cant compare different players and their ages. walcott is not ready yet but I think he will be amazing when he toughens up. even reserve games will help him.
    But I am a bit concerned that song and traore seem to have had faster chances in the first team squad than Walcott. they have only been with us a short time as well. I think Traore looks ready at 16 while I dont think Song is at 18. he needs another season of reserve games, like fabregas had.

    so when fred has to come off tomorrow if he is knackered (dont forget he has not trained) who will play left wing? Traore anyone?  

  82. # Anonymous California Steve

    Gelbs, since you think AW is shit, etc. and has made one horrible move after another -- and doesn't have much silverware to show for it, either -- you've obviously got a problem with the man.

    (Not personally, necessarily, but as AFC manager in 2006, OK?)

    You profess to be an Arsenal fan, and I'll take that at face value.

    OK, so if Wenger is making these mistakes left and right, dragging Arsenal into the gutter (oops, that's actually a new stadium)...

    Well, by your reasoning the man has got to go. You've found him guilty of so many charges he makes that goofball Sven look like Brian Clough.


    Now tell us: Who are you suggesting the board hire to replace this idiot Wenger so Arsenal can get moving back in the proper (your) direction?

    Give us a name. Practically every club in the world would take AW in a second, but you seem to think he's shit and therefore you must have someone in mind who's MUCH better at all these various tasks and can right the ship immediately.

    Unlimited budget -- who would you hire?

    And remember, your man needs to be far superior to AW, who didn't finish out of the top two in the league until last year, when he stitched together a gang of out-of-position kids and made it to the CL final.

    And your new manager won't have any honeymoon period, either, because you've rubbished Wenger for investing in youth when you want results (like Theo getting 10 minutes makes a difference..)
    right NOW.

    And speaking of Theo, you actually think AW is so stupid that he didn't see that cracking header in the U21 game that almost took off the keeper's arm? Ah, well, you're convinced he won't ever play the guy anyhow.

    I'm dying to know who you'll hire when you throw the bum Wenger out into the street.

    The name, please...  

  83. # Anonymous Gelbs

    That would be simple;

    Barry Fry.  

  84. # Anonymous Gelbs

    Barry Fry is the man.  

  85. # Anonymous USA Gooner

    Gelbs, You Fuck ur own mommy, you Son of a Bitch.... You are not an Arsenal fan... Wenger knows the best...  

  86. # Anonymous gazzap

    all this abuse to Gelbs actually fuels his desire to write a load of sh+te. just ignore him.

    I just studied the squad tomorrow and I know we have injuries but it just doesn't look like a title winning squad. Cygan, Traore, Hoyte, Flamini, Song, Aliadiere....does anyone else think there's a few too many weak spots in that? good job its Villa tomorrow and not man utd. I really do hope wenger strengthens before deadline day...I happen to think he will.  

  87. # Anonymous Gelbs

    USA? What the fuck would you know about "Soccer"? Go back to what your known best for. Invading countries and inviting terror attacks onto your country. Septic Tank Cunt.  

  88. # Anonymous Bitter n Twisted

    What a bunch of cunts LOL  

  89. # Anonymous Brady boy

    Walcott is in the squad - check out the BBC website and an interview by Wenger who expects Walcott to be a revealation like Cesc was two years ago.  

  90. # Anonymous lc

    I agree Gelbs. Too much fetichism about his coaching. I don't like his coaching chemistry either. Come on Gelbs. Walcott can get better only if he is given a chance to play first team football. Just keep up the pression,Gelbs.  

  91. # Anonymous Mos

    Gelbs - I was just wondering how can you have 2 one-off seasons !!  

  92. # Anonymous Gelbs

    Dunno. You'd best ask Spurs' fans.  

  93. # Anonymous Peter W

    Comparing the treatment of Van Persie and Fabregas to Walcott is a nonsense. van Persie was an established Feyenoord first team player when Wenger bought him - vastly more experienced than Walcott. Fabregas had just stormed the youth international tournament with Spain and was widely acclaimed as a star in the making but yet still had to pay his dues in the reserves before making his breakthrough last season (earlier than anticipated due to the injury list) and only after gaining more experience than you seem to require from Walcott. Even Aliadiere played as often in the Championship as Walcott with at least as much success. The only reason for putting Walcott in tomorrow would be because we spent a lot of money on him as a player for the future and got him while we could before one of our competitors grabbed him.

    Who would you leave out of the squad for him? Even if Ljungbergs fitness levels were a little less (not that anyone can claim that) than Theo putting him in makes much more sense. Traore is cover for left back, Song for central midfield and Van Persie can cover left wing if he has to far more effectively than you could reasonably expect of Walcott at this stage. Aliadiere would then be the cover for Henry or Adebayor. Those screaming for Walcotts inclusion, and claiming some sort of anti-english conspiracy, just because of the tabloid tendency to big up anyone English are foolish in the extreme. What is important is that we get off to a winning start at the Emirates. That means picking the best squad for the game - nothing more or less.  

  94. # Anonymous Joe_@**

    gelbs cool down man. we get your point. i know at times it's frustrating to see the team being just 1 or 2 established players away from winning something. stop winding up others & guys please stop lambasting him. there are 90 over responses to this column & 90 over percent are craps. i agree with others that there's no need to rush walcott as much i agree with you that we aint good enough. like what gazzap said, we can win title with cygan, traore, hoyte, song, aliadiere as our back up. exception to flamini. he is our only utility player. not every team has the luxury to have this type of player who is capable & willing to play out of position  

  95. # Anonymous scandicbullet

    can some1 pls trough dis guy out of our lovely site u know wha ya? u make me sick i swear to God. anyway ve a bad no mean nice sleep profffeeesssor G.  

  96. # Anonymous Footballfan

    Gelbs Why don't you talk to Arsenal board to replace Wenger, I hope You are the only best (special one to ten) person to manage Arsenal. Why don't you just watch and enjoy the game or just F*** ***.  

  97. # Anonymous gunnerman

    why is it that spurs bought zakora and their new left back from under our noses. they look to have made good signings and we have bought shit  

  98. # Anonymous blingblong2000

    http://fantasy.premierleague.com private league code 2454-30214
    the league starts tommorow... and it would be cool if you guys used your blog names!!!
    and gelbs... stop being so negative... yeah its nice to see you care like we all do, but dont go over the top. \Lets see your managerial skills pitted against all the others on fantasy league!

    it'll be 4-0 to us tommorow.... u wait!  

  99. # Anonymous blingblong2000

    http://fantasy.premierleague.com private league code 2454-30214
    the league starts tommorow... and it would be cool if you guys used your blog names!!!
    and gelbs... stop being so negative... yeah its nice to see you care like we all do, but dont go over the top. \Lets see your managerial skills pitted against all the others on fantasy league!

    it'll be 4-0 to us tommorow.... u wait!

    there's an 11 am deadline for this thing!  

  100. # Anonymous gloryhunter

    If Walcott was loaned out to a nearby club, would he be able to still train a few days a week at Arsenal? I thought the idea that he play a few games with Southampton had merit.
    You know what they say - it takes a village to raise a child.  

  101. # Anonymous soma

    great arsenal fans..

    Dont any of you relise that this ALIYADYAayyar if really BAD PLEASE GET HIM OUT OF THE TEAM NOW NOW NOW NOW  

  102. # Anonymous Neal

    Theo has had an illness over the summer meaning he's not played in pre-season. Also he picked up a knock on his knee for England U21s. There's nothing sinister about his omission, he's just not fit.  

  103. # Anonymous gunneral


  104. # Anonymous magic_hat_man

    where is gelbs big mouth now:  

  105. # Anonymous DeiseGooner

    Walcott comes off the bench to set up the equaliser. End of argument.

    As for Villa, come on lads at least try and play football. 11 men behind the ball at all times is not football. Way to spoil a good game of footie.  

  106. # Anonymous BC

    clique, not cliche  

  107. # Anonymous Florian

    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog :-)
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day :)  

  108. # Anonymous Demas

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